New Feel Good Things

If you’ve spent any time with me in person I’ve mentioned that I’ve been having headaches…for the last 6 months. They last for hours, medication does nothing, and yes, I’ve seen my doctor.

I was initially prescribed a migraine med which does…nothing. The doctor also mentioned that massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic might be other good directions to go. So I started getting monthly massages. It doesn’t do much. So I started acupuncture! That does quite a bit. I certainly feel it, but I’m still getting headaches.

I take a multivitamin and fish oil every day, and I’m about to add magnesium to the mix. I also am going to the eye doctor this week, even though I can see fine and don’t think that is the issue. Last year I bought a salt lamp and that serves absolutely no purpose other than being pretty. But I swear fresh flowers really do make a person feel better.

The BEST thing I’ve tried is an essential oils diffuser. I was gifted one for Christmas, and I am obsessed. It is the best thing to fall asleep with. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to try it out, and I’m thinking I might buy a tiny one for my desk at work.

Have you ever dealt with something you can’t quite figure out?

Any other ideas/tips for me?


46: Loving

What a week! I celebrated Galentines day with Drag Queen Blingo at Sisyphus Brewing, attended Ash Wednesday service with my family, and celebrated my grandparents 65th anniversary with family dinner at Bar la Grassa.

My grandparents are the sweetest and are so inspiring. They raised 6 daughters, and allow all the grandkids to visit for weekends/weeks/months as necessary. (Yes, months, both my cousin and I have temporarily moved in a few times).

Every family is different, even within our family each person has a slightly different way of doing things. And that is a fun thing to see.

How often do you see your family? Thanksgiving and Christmas? Once every few months? A trip every year or so?


Fundraising and Running for Children’s Hospital 2018

Request for Creatives! What should I be calling these posts? I’ll be posting at least once a month February – June. So I’d like something catchy that reminds people that I am fundraising as well as training/running.

This week I’m checking in to let you know that training has officially started! While June 16 is a long ways away, I am hoping to successfully run this race. Not just shuffle through thanks to my stubbornness.

I’ve run plenty of half marathons. I ran one the day my grandma Pat passed away. I ran on the day after a week long work trip. I ran one at Disney World. I ran one while training for Grandma’s Marathon. 13.1 miles is something I have chosen. Multiple times. But kids don’t choose to be in the hospital. And if they go to Children’s Hospital once, its pretty likely that they go again. (Not fact based at all, just my own experience).

If a kiddo doesn’t go to the hospital they still have check-ups. So if parents can take the time to take their kid to a check up, I can get myself on a training run. Here’s the plan.

3 runs per week: 2 on lunch breaks, 1 on the weekend.

3 Alchemy classes per week.

Knowing how I operate, I will probably be doing an Alchemy class in the morning before work, and running on my lunch break, on the same day. It will work better for me to do 2 workouts in one day, because the other option is to be working out every single day.

Injuries are common for me. Last year when I attempted to start training I immediately hurt myself which required 2 weeks off. My hope is that I can stay healthy by choosing to go slower on runs, but continuing Alchemy classes, where we typically do plenty of squats, lunges, and all sorts of other muscle building moves.

I have some work to do. And hopefully my efforts will mean a little ease for others.

Have you trained for a race before?

What should I title these efforts/posts?

P.S. You can donate here. Thank you!



47: She Ain’t Me

Galtines, Valentines, I’m not gonna lie, I’m not a huge fan of any of it. Even in relationships I am not really a fan of the hallmark holidays. The good news, after this week we get a nice long break from gross-feeling holidays. Thursday night I went to First Ave and saw ZZ Ward. It was an awesome show!

I love all of ZZ’s songs but “She Ain’t Me” was one of the best. Valentines day can be hard. And you can start to play the “woulda coulda shoulda” games. But, life went a different way. Each person and each relationship is so different. I know that I have treated each boyfriend differently, and I don’t think the way they treated me is exactly the same as they have treated other partners of the past or future.

I hope everyone finds their person. Some people find their person as a teenager, some people wait a few decades. And that is okay.

How do you spend this holiday?

Netflix and chill? Wine and chocolate? Greasy pizza and cold beer?

Whole-30ish Alchemy 365 Learning

10 Things I learned about myself during the Alchemy 365 Challenge, which is a Whole 30-ish style of eating… Technically I should follow it until Sunday, but I have some fun plans coming up, so I’m finishing a bit early.

The basics rules were “no dairy, no sugar, no grains” this also included no beans (for reasons I’m not entirely sure) and only some oils were “allowed”.

I followed this plan very loosely. I would say I was about 80% compliant most days.

  1. My headaches are not because of what I’m eating.
  2. Healthy eating isn’t too hard (if you can cook and have access to a fridge/microwave for leftovers/lunch).
  3. Your friends want you to cheat. It is not fun to drink alone.
  4. Bad days are bad days whether or not you eat junk food for dinner.
  5. Everything you buy has added sugar. Especially foods you didn’t consider sweet.
  6. Real ice cream wins. The fake stuff just isn’t as good. Eat the real thing.
  7. Bread is a delicious vessel, but you can eat eggs without toast.
  8. Diet coke is not required at noon, but I didn’t feel better by abstaining.
  9. Veggies are great, but you need a lot of them to fill a plate.
  10. Pizza is still king. I missed pizza.

Would I do a completely Whole 30 diet? Sure. If I had a partner. Alone? I will just try random recipes that happen to be whole 30, but not follow every day every meal.

Some have said that their grocery bill went sky high when attempting whole 30. And yes, the prepared foods will cost you. Add $3-$6 for whatever prepared foods/dressings you were normally buying. But if you have access to good produce, can make homemade dressings/dips, and know enough food substitutes, your wallet can handle it.

Have you done Whole 30? Would you ever choose to cut out bread and sugar?

48: Chipping Away

I am a slow and steady person. Unless we’re talking about jumping to conclusions. In which case, I go to the worst case scenario immediately, and then talk myself back into a rational world.

Everyone is all about that “big game” that’s in town. And I do wish I had signed up to volunteer. But I wasn’t in the right place to commit at the time, and I’m still not really there. Each week is hard. I get myself out of bed, to the gym, to work, to making meals, to seeing friends/family. None of it is easy. There are so many things I want to be different, but I know they can’t all change immediately.

So right now I just chip away each day. Doing the best I can with what I have. Some days that means not doing the dishes, or skipping the gym, or cheating on my challenge and joining my coworkers in a potluck.

Minnesota breeds some tough people, hopefully I can be tough enough to get through these road blocks and eventually find what I’m looking for.

Alchemy 365 Challenge (Basically Whole 30)

Working out at Alchemy is a challenge in itself. Everyone is super tough and the workouts are not easy. There are always modifications, but dang you want to the best you can.

So when I heard they were running a challenge, I had little idea what it entailed, but figured I may as well sign up. I’ve been needing a kickstart and making changes is always easier when you are part of a group.

Unfortunately, the group does not do my dishes, and I am cooking a whole lotta food. Part of the challenge is a meal plan. The basics of the plan are no dairy, no sugar, no grains…..Which is basically all I live on. Hence, changes needed to be made. Thankfully I like cooking, so I follow the meal plan for the most part, but tweak to fit my tastes.

The biggest bummer, is because so many people are doing some sort of healthy eating plan in January, a lot of grocery stores are having stocking issues with specialty items. Primal Kitchen makes a mayo spread that would be compliant…only problem is I can’t find it anywhere.

I hear I’ll be sick of eggs pretty soon, and that’s true. Last week I could enjoy egg bake “as is” this week I have to add salsa to make it enjoyable. I may go towards a bullet proof coffee in weeks 3 and 4. Or, take the time to fry eggs before work each day, which will at least be a different consistency than egg bake.

Grocery shopping takes a little more time than usual. I have to read every single ingredients list. Thankfully I have trader joe’s and whole foods available to me. Over the weekend I stopped into my hometown grocery store, and I basically could only eat out of the produce section. It was a hard pill to swallow.

Finally, no sugar means no alcohol. And so far I am doing it. Obviously people all over the place go without alcohol. But dang does it taste/feel good after a terrible day. So when things aren’t going my way, do I give in and pour a glass? Or do I stay stubborn and be determined to not give in?

What questions do you have?

Have you ever done Whole 30 or similar challenges? Any tips for me?

49: Thin Ice

Minnesota showed all her colors this week. We saw the massive snow, the cold, and then the beauty of a 40 degree day. Who knows what next weekend will bring with the “BIG GAME”. (I plan on heading north on Saturday, and have Monday off so I don’t have to deal with too much of the craziness).

While I appreciate a warning of thin ice, you cannot expect all areas with thin ice to come with a warning. And, “thin ice” means different things in different places. Thin ice on the road, you better go slow and not make sudden stops. Thin ice on a lake, and you’d be silly to attempt to go over it. “You’re on ‘thin ice'” is something you might say to someone that you are losing patience with.

All three of these options are a warning. And if you choose to ignore the warning signs, you are in for quite the surprise. But if you didn’t even get the warning, its a shock.

I’m lucky that I can see a few warning signs. I can adjust my plans and my path. I don’t know if I’ll skate across the thin ice, or if I’ll get a bone chilling bath. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

How have you handled the weather this week?

Do you have plans for the “big game”?

Weekend in Scottsdale

Uff da my friends. Specially my twin cities friends. That snow monday/clean up tuesday was not fun. I hope every is safe and sound, and didn’t have an accident!

As you may have noticed on Instagram…. I visited Scottsdale two weekends ago and I want to go back! Traveling with friends is the way to go. Flying alone is fine, taking lyft rides alone is fine, hotels alone are fine (but definitely add up over the course of 3 nights), and eating at restaurants alone is fine, but definitely gets boring.

Day 1: Happy Hour at Cien Agaves your basic mexican restaurant, with happy hour until 7 pm. It’s in the Old Scottsdale area which was across the street from our hotel.

Day 2: Breakfast at Morning Squeeze, hiking Camelback. There are 2 sides of Camelback.   We started with the Cholla trail, which is what I would recommend for active individuals. If you’re looking for a slightly easier start, I would start at Echo Canyon. (and yes it does Echo, we checked). Echo Canyon was also partially in the shade, which was wonderful!

Post-Hike we stopped at Two Brothers Taphouse, we intended to only drink, but ended up eating and it was delicious! (I could have had lunch/dinner there everyday). After some pooltime we walked to downtown Scottsdale and had the best Jalapeño Popper dip in a bread bowl appetizer at Kelly’s. I may have dreams of this dip.

Day 3: Best Breakfast goes to Alo Cafe. Its a tiny diner that makes basically everything from scratch. All other breakfasts pale in comparison. After that we headed to the Desert Botanical Garden, and I am begging my parents to winter in Arizona so I can go again. For our last dinner we went to Culinary Dropout, which had the best beer based cocktails that I will definitely be recreating this summer!

So if you’re dying for a break from winter, I highly recommend escaping for Scottsdale for the weekend.

What are your favorite quick trip destinations?


50: Fundraising

A full Scottsdale recap post is coming next week, but until then I’m sharing something that makes me a little nervous. I will once again be running Grandma’s Half Marathon, except this year I will be running as a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital.

When I realized that the race had sold out in the first few hours of being open, I immediately asked when I could sign up to run for Children’s Hospital. I have vague memories of visiting Johnny at Children’s Hospital.  I know other families who have had to spend time there much more recently.

I hope that by participating in Grandma’s Half Marathon as a fundraiser I am able to make a hard thing (having a child in the hospital) a little less hard (because I know it is not easy).

So if you happen to have a spare $5, $10, $20, could you support me and the children and families of Children’s Hospital? Click here to be directed to my fundraising page.


Thank you!