Schedules Are Overrated (But Selfies Aren’t)

*Posting 2 hours later than I usually do, because life happens.

I’ve talked plenty about how Type A I am, how I love my planner, and nothing relaxes me more than making a plan and a list.

Lipstick SelfieI managed to break and fix both our office printer and fax machine today. I had to go to the coffee shop to grab a cup of perspective (otherwise known as an iced latte).

MN Blogger Conference 2012 - MeBack in 2012: Selfies weren’t even a thing! But I am so glad I have photo evidence of my first MN Blog Con. You can read the most awkward/rookie recap post here.

Pre Race Nerves Iron Girl BloomingtonI took my road bike on a short spin last night, and have my old mountain bike in the car to get checked out so hopefully I can get a spin on the local trails before I move!

I haven’t been taking selfies lately, but these photos remind me that I’ve come a long way, and I’ll continue to grow, there’s no need to put tons of added pressure on myself. Things will work out as they are supposed to.

What was the last selfie you took?

Do you love schedules? Or do they weigh you down?

Continuing to Grow (Business Man!)

Businesses do quarterly reviews, and while I don’t run this space as a business, I am comparing my 1st Quarters of 2013, 2014 and 2015. And woah boy, is it good! (would I have shared it with you if it was bad? Probably not, it’s still early in the year, lots of things can happen).

q1bloggrowth2015It burns me a bit that I was 14 views away from saying that every month in 2015 has shown growth. But I was slightly more cool in March of 2014.

Those 14 little views cannot take away from my happiness about January’s growth! That explosion is most likely due to all the New Years Resolution posts. You may remember that I attempted a link up in January for my Chance Chats, I’ve let that fall the wayside. I found that people would rather comment on the weekly post, than link up a similar post of their own. And that’s okay!

curly selfieWhile lately I’ve had sponsored posts, or discussed free trials, I am VERY picky about what I will and won’t accept for a blog review. Generally the products I chose to review are things I either already own, or have hoped to own. I will never lie about how I feel about a product.

What’s My Goal? Keep Learning! If I was properly utilizing all the tools I’m aware of, my following would probably be stronger. But living an authentic life where I do what makes me happy does not currently include “learning how to get people to want to follow me”. If you like what I’m about, feel free to reach out! If you’re not into what I’m about, that’s cool, no need to follow.


P.S. Curious about where I was last year?

P.P.S. -adding a P.S. to posts is one of those tools I’ve learned to do to have a stronger following.

Chance Chat #15: Run Away

Here is this week’s version of my “one little word” for 2015. My word is Chance, and I have a whole Pinterest board full of inspiration, which you can see here.

running away chasing goals“Run Away” when I hear those words I think of someone who is weak, or scared. “Chase” tends to make me think of “chasing after a boy” which is generally discouraged in dating advice, as men like the hunt. And while that could be its own post, or three or four. Let’s focus on Doubts and Goals.

As I have all these changes coming up I have plenty of goals. Some of them have been goals long before I found out my job was ending. Others are new goals that didn’t seem possible until the possibility of a new job came into view.

My doubts right now center around my job. I need an income. At first I was hopeful that I would find a job in April, and while there is half the month left, I’ve already pushed the goal date to June 1st. Don’t get me wrong, I want a job. But I want the right job. I’m running away from place holders, and chasing after the right position. Something that I love, the daily tasks, the community/coworkers, I need to feel as if I’m working for a reason, and not just for a paycheck.

Chasing my goal right now means applying for everything, keeping my ears open, doing the best I can with what I have and hoping for the right thing to come along. I’m not crazy enough to view jobs as “beneath me” but I can see what is something that is a good fit, or not so good fit for me.


What doubts are you running away from?

What goals are you chasing?

Spring Style: Job Hunting and Adventure

Spring in Minnesota is a funny thing. You can wear sundresses, but you best have boots, sweaters, scarves and jackets to make it work. The last three years I’ve worked in a small town family business where I haven’t had to get really dressed up. I like the laid back option, but I’m ready for a change.

spring style job hunting adventureThe SHOES: Slip on and all black, maybe people won’t notice I’m wearing a glorified sneaker?

The BACKPACK: I’m considering getting my MBA starting this fall, and I’ve got an adventure trip planned for the summer. Since I haven’t bought a backpack in over 10 years, its time for a new one.

The HAT: I’m super into the idea of a big floppy hat, and love the idea that this is foldable.

The JACKET: Already purchased and love it!! Super warm and long so if I’m sitting on a bus I won’t need to worry about my pants/skirts getting dirty.

The DRESS: Also available in Navy, which might be a better wear anywhere option.

What’s on your shopping list for this spring?

If you wear dresses to work….do you wear nude tights/nylons with them? It seems old lady-ish, but also possibly necessary?

P.S. Check out the “My Style” board on Pinterest to see what else I’m dreaming of.


VivoFit vs. Fitbit Flex (oh the debate).

First…once again, I am not being paid for this review. I was allowed to borrow a VivoFit and Fitbit Flex from Verizon to experience their wearable technology, and I chose the two devices I have been debating buying for over a year!

Here’s what I thought originally…..

vivofit vs fitbitKeeping track? That’s a tie. While not everyone gets the opportunity to wear the devices at the same time, I am so glad I could.

Technology: I have no need for another device that tells me that someone is calling me, or that I’ve received an email.So the upgraded versions from both companies aren’t enticing to me.

Daily Steps:  With a desk job I knew I wasn’t moving much, but having the encouragement to hit the daily goal was helpful. I think it will especially help next winter when I no longer want to walk outside (it sure is easy right now with the decent weather!)

garmin vs fitbitFitness Classes: None of the classes I took during my ClassPass trial showed up on either device. Yoga Sculpt gives me about 3 active minutes according to Fitbit. And doesn’t make a huge difference in steps.

Calories Burned: The numbers were similar, but slightly different. I really don’t trust them.

Which would I buy? Fitbit Flex. The silent alarm got me. I wear a watch regularly so I don’t NEED the clock on the VivoFit (although I still do like the option). And I will still wear my Garmin 910 XT when running/swimming/biking.

Now if Garmin comes out with a device that does daily tracking, alarm, and swim/bike/run, I’ll buy it (dollars permitting). But I don’t think technology is quite there yet.

What wearable technology do you have / debate buying?


Chance Chat #14: Interrupted Easter

Happy Easter Friends! My family doesn’t have big plans, so I think we will be laying low today, however I thought it was appropriate to have my Chance Chat for this week be something with a biblical reference. (the original post is linked by clicking on the photo)

Interrupt Lives She Reads TruthI like having a schedule, I like knowing what my week is going to bring. But that doesn’t always happen. At 11 am on Monday the internet went out at my work. While there’s plenty of paperwork I can do without the internet…I do need it for many of my job activities. It was a definite interruption, it wasn’t anyone’s fault, but it was frustrating to call the service provider 6 times, and have multiple visits from the IT company. I was back up and running by noon on Wednesday, and my desk will still be overflowing when I go back to work tomorrow, but the interruption wasn’t the end of the world.

The She Reads Truth post talks about hospitality, and that is something I’m learning about more and more. I’ve been boldly asking, not necessarily to stay with people, but to get together with them. People on the periphery, someone I might see occasionally, but would like to see more often. 99% of the times that I’ve taken that step out of my comfort zone, I’ve been met with a successful meet up. While there was someone that wasn’t able to get together, I know she and I will be seeing each other more often.

It’s important to remember: by allowing these small interruptions, beautiful things could happen.

Sneaky Sweet Potato Tots! (Pinterest Win)

Happy Friday! Looking for something fun for the Easter Weekend? I highly recommend making up a batch of Sweet Potato Tots. I’m not one for recipe development, and my photos are generally iphone shots. But I have to share this with you! Original Recipe Here.

potatopinI’m never very good at following recipes exactly. And I once took a cooking class where the chef said that if you change three ingredients, it can become your own recipe. I’m not sure how I feel about that…but here’s the changes I made.

burger to totI didn’t refrigerate the mixture before forming, but I did refrigerate before cooking. You can also make a batch (or double batch!) and freeze if you’d like. I’ve baked the burgers in the past, but I think they cook best on the stove top, bonus points if you use a little truffle oil.

sweet potato totBloggers: What are your rules for linking the recipes that inspire you?

What foods are you looking forward to this Easter Weekend?

I don’t have “Easter plans” I’m sure we’ll go to church, I’m sure we will eat, but nothing specific. I am running with friends on Saturday morning, and of course we are finishing with SCONES!

P.S. Anyone know how to embed a Pin from Pinterest into a post? This is my mission to learn. But I’m not above asking for help. kthanksbye.


ClassPass Pro Con List!

I was gifted a 1 month trial of ClassPass Minneapolis/St. Paul, they came to the area back in January, but with my dance schedule, I asked to wait until March, and they kindly agreed! I am not being paid for this review, and the opinions are my own. No company talking points were given!

Here are the things I LOVED about ClassPass.

classpass pro1. Corepower Monthly Unlimited in Minnesota is at $190 right now. OUCH! I love yoga, but I don’t love yoga at that price.

2. While the Pilates ProWorks experience I had was my least favorite of the 8 classes I took, I do want to go again, even if its just to be slightly less dysfunctional in the class. (I seriously thought I was coordinated until that hour of my life).

3. I loved the App, I loved looking at classes and checking out new studios, and seeing what I could fit into my schedule. Also, the app can go off your location, so if you’re out on a Saturday afternoon it can show you the closest studios!

4. I loved that I did so many different kinds of classes at different places. I wish I had gotten to The Shed a few more times, and I will be paying for my own Studio ME class so I can do Row and Flow again.

But It Isn’t All Sunshine….

classpass con1. The 3x per month rule makes perfect sense….for the businesses. I could go to The Shed (which has one location) 3 times per month. I could also go to Corepower Downtown 3 times per month, but I couldn’t go to Corepower Uptown another 3 times. I could switch it up and go to Downtown twice and Uptown once.

2. As a yoga instructor, I’ll share a secret….we LOVE our regulars. Students that we connect with and can see week after week. It’s nice working out with people you know, and people who trust you. New people are great! But I really like familiarity.

3. If you sign up for class, and then can’t make it, you can hit with a cancellation fee. Now, you could just wait to sign up at the last minute. But if you want to be certain you get a spot, you must register.

I may have YOLO’d (are we still saying this?) a bit on Saturday night and did not get outta bed for the 8am Yoga Sculpt class I intended on taking. I should have cancelled Saturday afternoon when I was considering going out, but I didn’t meet up with my friends until 10 pm, and I really did think I’d be in bed by Midnight.

4. The Twin Cities is awesome, but for the most part, it requires transportation. Depending on where you live and work, there might not be enough ClassPass studios for the membership to make sense.


I intentionally had the Pros and Cons equal, whether or not you choose ClassPass depends on your preferences. The same can be said for any other type of unlimited service.

Will I be buying ClassPass? Probably. It depends on where I’m living this summer/fall but I loved the variety and there are plenty of classes that I haven’t tried yet.



March 2015 Recap

Happy Monday Friends! I’ve got a great post coming for you on Wednesday, but until then, I want to make sure you’ve got all the good stuff from March covered!

My Disney World trip with college friends might be my highlight of 2015, I’m sure other good things will come, but those were 5 awesome days.

cinderella selfieI officially registered for the SuperiorMan 41.5 with VIP, so I can defer to 2016 or go up to the 70.3 depending on how my training goes. I really, today, hopefully.. am going to register for Grandma’s Marathon as well. ahh! 26.2 round two!

My family vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico wasn’t the best due to illness, but the four of us will be in Florida at the end of April, so hopefully that time will be more fun and healthy.

johnny kissy selfieI blogged three times about ClassPass here, here, and here. I still have one post to come that includes a pro/con list for those contemplating the switch. For the record, they didn’t pay me to talk about them, but they did give me one month free.

I didn’t take any pictures this weekend, but I had a fabulous time. Lunch with multisport friends, the favorite things event with the Minnesota Bloggers, a drink with one of my good high school friends, more drinks with another friend, and my last ClassPass experience (for now). I spent Sunday afternoon blissfully alone and could not be happier with how life is going these days.

What was your favorite thing about March? Do you have big Easter plans?

Chance Chat #13: Not for Them

Today’s pin is actually from a blog I read regularly, Peace, Love and Oats. But as I’m applying for jobs and making changes for the future, I need to keep this in mind…

Not for ThemThere are a lot of unknowns in my life right now.

  1. Where will I be employed in the next month?
  2. Where will I be living the month after that?
  3. What will I be working towards two months after that?

I can’t figure out two and three without knowing number one. And EVERYONE has an opinion with all three questions. I’ve built a great life in my hometown, one that I really enjoy. But I also love my time in the Twin Cities. And I’m ready to give living in the cities another try (those few months after college didn’t really count).

I’m trying to best balance my journey, and hopes for the future, with the commitments I’ve made. I’m trying my best not to commit to any new things at this point, but I don’t want to shut myself off from some amazing connections that have grown out of these years living in my hometown.

I’m also trying to keep my one word for 2015 CHANCE, alive in these decisions. I have an opportunity to do something new, and I want to make sure that I’m not making decisions that are just safe and easy, and ultimately unsatisfying.

Do you veer towards the safe and easy? Or do you like to take a chance and get challenged?