Thanking before Thanksgiving.

I’m coming at you a little early. Here’s what I’m thankful for this year.


Family. I know its only Johnny pictured here, but he’s the most photogenic one in our family. And my mom and I are hoping to get a family photo taken this weekend, cause Christmas cards need to be sent!


Grace. I’m not perfect. There are plenty of things I would like to change, but sometimes you need to take time to have brunch with a friend, and do a little browsing at a cute store!  Even this blog isn’t being updated as often as I’d like. I’m taking plenty of photos, but not getting a full post written. My schedule is full, but there’s always someone I’m not seeing as often as I would like to. But I’m trying to make sure I’m doing good, and learning from the bad.

Thanksgiving to Christmas

Finally, St. Paul life. Don’t get me wrong, I really miss Aitkin. But there is a lot of beauty to be had here, and I’m looking forward to whatever happens next!

What are you thankful for this year?

Chance Chat #47 Happy vs Lonely

I’m typing this up on Thursday night because I know the weekend is going to be crazy and I won’t get to it. I also usually have more time at the beginning of the week, but life happened.

Happy Free Confused and Lonely

Last weekend had some high highs, and some lower lows. I’m still surviving Financial Accounting, I had a blast at Minnesota Bloggers Conference. And just as I was about to go home, have some dinner and feel the strange stillness of being alone….I got invited to visit a friend. Since I didn’t have any plans I jumped on the offer. Pizza, beer, and a movie was wonderful. But the visit took a turn I didn’t expect and I drove home at 10 pm tired and very confused. I’m almost wishing I had turned down the offer and just had a quiet Saturday night instead of the night that was had. But it can’t be reversed. And now I don’t know what to do, or where to go next.

Thankfully I’ve got some great friends and coworkers and have stayed busy enough that I’m not dwelling on the uncertainty. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

Growing up is hard to do, and I don’t think it ever ends. Have you felt the strange mix of emotions before? How did you deal with it?

P.S. How does this related to Chance? Well I took a chance and visited the friend (its been a roller coaster friendship, where I never know quite where we stand…) And, the photo was pinned, but I can’t find it to link, and I’m 99% sure I pinned it after finding it on Beauty Bets. But can’t find that original post, so I just linked to her website in general. Here’s hoping this week is better than last week!

Pure Barre Week 1

This isn’t a sponsored post, but I did purchase a 5 week unlimited package for the brand new Pure Barre, St. Paul! I’ve taken barre classes before, but hadn’t experience Pure Barre before this week.

Monday, 6:45 pm Class. The instructor made sure to introduce herself to me, and to go over the rules. That was very much appreciated! I’ve taken a lot of different classes, so I didn’t anticipate a problem…foreshadowing.

Pure Barre St Paul

Vocabulary: The instructors use “pulse, lift, tuck, hold, and freeze” over and over and over for the entire 55 minutes. Which isn’t too annoying. Except they are rarely doing the motion with the class, so you have no idea if you’re doing it right, or if everyone is wrong.

Posture: All instructors were great about maintaining safe postures, and correcting when needed.

Positivity……Maybe most of the people are new/confused like me, but I’ve never noticed so many people frowning in a workout class! And while the staff is being perfectly polite, its not the usual “new studio” energy that you would expect. Maybe its the stress of a new venture, but I hope they start to encourage a little more positive energy.

Wednesday, 6 am: My favorite class of the week! I loved the instructor, and maybe it was because I had one class under my belt, but I felt much more comfortable, and loved getting a workout before work.

Thursday, 6:45 pm: I went to this class with a friend, and was curious what she thought of class. She was just as confused about the vocabulary, so I’m glad I’m not alone in that.

I was going to go to Friday at 6 am, but ultimately cancelled, instead I’m going for a run and hopefully clearing my head a bit before a busy weekend! (Hunger Games movie, House Party, and Vikings Tailgating!)

Have you taken Pure Barre before? How long does it take you to get comfortable at a new gym/studio?

Strangers to Friends: MN Blog Con 2015 Recap

My favorite day of the year has come and gone. This was my fourth time attending the Minnesota Bloggers Conference and every year is better and better!

St Kates MBA MN Blog Con

This year I wasn’t able to attend until lunch time. I was bummed to miss the first sessions, but quickly feel into the conference rhythm tweeting and saying hi to friends that I don’t see as often as I would like.

Attending this year was a relief that I am doing exactly the things I should be. I’m not interested in monetizing my blog, but I am interested in meeting new people and experiencing new things, and that is ok. Therefore this year my recap doesn’t include some huge takeaways. Not because they weren’t available, they most definitely were, but because I just needed a day to see people I don’t get to see very often.

Urban Growler MN Blog Con After Party

New this year was an official after party at Urban Growler, which I loved! The upstairs room was packed and warm with all the body heat, but when you get a free beer, you don’t complain!

Urban Growler Beers

I heard amazing things about the cowbell cream ale, but picked the city day for myself, and loved it! As for the Delovely Porter, Urban Growler shares a roof with a coffee place, and apparently can add a shot of cold press if requested!

Thank you to Jen and Mykl for putting on an amazing event, and to all the volunteers and sponsors who assist them.

P.S. If you want to see my evolution as a blogger, here are my 2012, 2013 and 2014 recaps!


Chance Chat #46: Work Hard

This week’s chance chat is also a work update. While I’m typing this before I have a meeting with my manager on Friday, I doubt I’ll need to come in and edit. I haven’t been at my job often, I think technically I’m still in the 90 day trial period, but I see no reason why I won’t continue here.

Work Hard Stay Humble

Of course there is always a honeymoon period with new jobs. But I’ve had a few trials, and survived those. So I have no reason to believe I won’t be able to survive other trials. Most people don’t stay in the same job position for their entire career anymore, and thats okay. Right now I’m working on the above things. There is always something new to learn. Its always important to be kind, and humble. I am so thankful that I was hired, and I while I probably shouldn’t use the word “love” for work….Its probably the best fit I could have imagined for a new workplace.

My sarcasm can get the best of me, and my minimal experience in the field is sometimes obvious, but hopefully I’m able to build on my knowledge and continue for the better.

P.S. While I did pin this photo, I found it through DeNae’s blog. So I’ve linked with her instead of pinterest, just click on the photo to go to her post!

4 Years of Blogging…

4 Years of Blogging will give you….

The motivation to try new things, like triathlons.

Wetsuit red swim cap

A great friend….actually many great friends, but Emily is the best!

Blends Blog Friends

Free Beer….or opportunities to Network.

Freehouse Pi Beer 3.14

It’s hard to believe that the first blog I ever read, Healthy Tipping Point has finished. But maybe in another 4 years that’s where I will feel like I need to be. Until then… Thank you. To all the friends I have met. To all the friends who read this blog. And for all the kind words in between. I haven’t had to deal with an internet troll yet, and for that I feel very grateful.

What have you learned in the last 4 years?

Scenes from Social Media

I’m not loving that my news feeds continue to fill with sponsored posts. But every now and then there’s a good one. This one made me super hungry on Sunday morning, but it did make me get out of bed and out to my run!

French hen

I follow Barbie on Instagram, so I can’t fault sponsorship for this one showing up in my feed…but I’m kind of tempted to buy a new barbie!

moschino barbie

And I also follow Scout, but living in a studio apartment, alone, does not justify buying this gorgeous glasses. Even though I really think they’d be fun to own!

Vintage Deer Glasses

Finally, Twitter showed me that Blackberry still exists!

Blackberry still exists

I have no idea who Sujt Kundu is….does this mean I’m ignorant? Or is Blackberry for more exclusive people that I’m not aware of?

Are there any ads that you are loving or hating across social media? Or are there other store accounts that I should be following for good deals or inspiration?

Chance Chat #45: 24 Hours

Chance Chat is winding down, there are less than 10 weeks left in the year. And every now and then I start thinking about what I should write about on Sunday’s next year. I loved Peace Perspective, Chance Chat has been more of a challenge. So do I pick another word that is comfortable and comforting? Or do I choose another challenging word?

Just Focus

I can think and wonder. But the word will come to me eventually. Its more important that I focus on the present. If I ignore these next two months, I will miss a lot! So I need to keep taking advantage of the time in front of me. Right here. Right now.

Do you focus on the long term? Or do you pay attention to the present?

Running Again

I haven’t talked about a workout in a long while. This summer I did what I needed to do, but didn’t focus on new speeds or distances. But now that I’m in a new neighborhood, its time to start running!

Sunrise Run St. paul

So Tuesday before work, I ran. Just 30 minutes. Enough to get me started. That night I also went to Yoga Sculpt. Thankfully now that I’m an MBA student I can apply for student pricing discounts.

farm house in the city

I saw this house on my run after work on Wednesday. I had to pause for a picture because it looks like a cute little farm house, packed into a normal city block.

I’m not sure where my running will take me. I pushed the pace last night and my IT Band is making itself known today. So I’ll hold off until Sunday (I’ve got a few different workouts already planned for the weekend). But maybe, just maybe, I’m finding running again.

Have you ever rediscovered a hobby that you had pushed away? Was it hard to get back into it?

Why I’m Not Online Dating….Yet.

I’ve online dated in the past, I’ve considered online dating again. However the results haven’t been great before, and I had so much going on this summer that I knew I couldn’t really invest time into anyone.



When I went to Stillwater last weekend I had a goal of taking plenty of photos of myself so I had something to put on a future profile. Multiple selfies isn’t a great look, and I don’t like putting up photos that include friends when I have an online dating profile.

Maple Island Brewing Selfie

I did get a few good photos, but I’m still not creating the profile. Mainly because, I don’t have enough time to do all the things that I want to do as it is. There are so many fun and free events in the cities and I’ve got plenty of friends that I don’t see as often as I like.

Cinderella's Glass Slipper

Of course there are times throughout the week where I wish I had a partner to check in with. Or a couple’s event where I’m the odd woman out. But overall, I’m happy. I get to do what I want, when I want. Of course I have money, school and work responsibilities, but all of those are within my control.


Save Money to Buy Trek Bike

So when will I make an online dating profile? Maybe next week. Maybe next month. Maybe not until 2016. I’m waiting until I really feel called to make that move. Of course if I was asked out on a date, I doubt I’d turn it down. I’m always interested in meeting new people and seeing what happens!