Chance Chat #40: Running

The Twin Cities Marathon and 10 Mile are not a trail race, so this picture might not be the perfect fit, but I’ve had this photo saved for a long time for the perfect Chance Chat to use it with.

Running for LivingI am once again running a race without properly training for it. Someday I will learn my damn lesson. Today is not that day. Its not going to be a pretty 10 miles. But I’ll make it. Hopefully. Here’s 10 things I plan on thinking about to keep my mind occupied during the race.

  1. I love my friends.
  2. I love my family.
  3. I love my future….whatever it is.
  4. I love my freedom.
  5. I love to have fun….wherever it is.
  6. I love to breathe the fresh air, especially after a long day in an office.
  7. I love making new friends on the course.
  8. I love see others push through the hard parts of the course.
  9. I love celebrating after the race, preferably with a beverage, and carbs.
  10. I love the emotions when crossing a finish line. I never know what they are going to be. Sometimes I am exhausted, or emotional, or euphoric. Whatever it will be….I’ll have to wait and see!

If you haven’t heard…there’s been talk that Black Lives Matter will be attending the race and protesting in some capacity. I hope everyone can race and spectate safely!

Your Opinion Please….Bedding!

You may remember last year when I needed your help on what dress to wear as a personal attendant. This year I’m asking for your opinion on new bedding!

Kate Spade Bedding

I am so excited to move into my own space! My landlord cleaned and updated everything before I moved it, and with this fresh start, are a few new things.

Bed Bath and Beyond

It’s no secret blue is my favorite color. And I’m 99.9% sure that I want Navy bedding. I think it will pop, while staying fresh.

Navy and Yellow Bedding

I love the idea of having yellow be my complimentary color, but I might do that with a rug…

Navy and White Bedding

And these can all be found on Bed, Bath, and Beyond, because I have a 20% off coupon there.

Trina Turk

Sooo…Which one would you choose?


September 2015 Recap

I’ll forgive you if you don’t even read this whole post….The only things I wrote about either happened in the past…(last month, last year) or are job related. Oh wait, there was one BEER post!

brainerd lakes beer


I’m hoping that October (my favorite month of the year) is filled with fun posts and a better attitude.

st. kate's tunnel

I spent most of September stressed or tired.

Edina Park

Here’s hoping October is full of opportunities for happiness!

A Year Later…Weekend Recap

While the last five weekends of this month have been spent up north…. Time hop was kind enough to remind me that last year I spent last weekend in Minneapolis.

Besties Tailgating

I stayed at my dear friend’s house and we visited Bauhaus (and sadly I haven’t been back since…I need to reinvigorate my brewery game).
Bauhaus Beer MN And we also attended the best tailgate in the Nation! Seriously, Lonesome Pine knows how to throw a party and I am so bummed that there have been two Vikings home games and I’ve missed both of them. Lonesome Pine Vikings TailgateI will be sure to not make the same mistake for the rest of the home games this season. I can probably figure out the closest Green Line option so I don’t even have to cab it from my new home!

Do you use time hop to remind me of happy times? Or does it stress you out to be comparing this year to years past?

Chance Chat #39: Bonkers

Friends, I have gone mad. CRAZY. insane in the membrane. Each weekend this month was spent driving north. And next weekend I’m staying in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. Thank the lord. (I’m ignoring the fact that I am running 10 miles next weekend, which hasn’t been done since February…)

Bonkers Alice in Wonderland

All of this change is reeking havoc on me. I loved last year’s Peace Perspective. Chance Chat’s are hard. I just want to feel settled, and I decidedly do not. Its important to know that just because it seems like someone has it all together, there are most certainly times when that person is not together. Everyone has an off switch. And when I’m off, I’m all the way off. But I suppose I just need to learn that its okay. While life is crazy, there are always people who will be busier than you. Busy doesn’t mean better.

Do you enjoy when life is crazy? Or do you just look forward to the calmer moments?

The Advice I Received….New Job!

I typed this upon accepting my new position, but wanted to wait until I was actually started and settled before sharing. It would have been awful to post this and then have something happen to change the situation. 

My job search came to an abrupt end. I applied for 25 jobs one week, and the next week had scheduled 5 phone interviews and 3 in person interviews, all with different companies! It was the first of the in person interviews that resulted in a job offer. However it all moved so quickly, I was taken aback by the offer.

New Job Advice

Thankfully I’ve attended enough seminars and read articles that I was able to negotiate a little time to make my decision, approximately 36 hours. I didn’t want to make them wait too long, but I also wanted to make sure I made the right decision.

I immediately started reaching out to a few trusted people within my network to help me make my decision. One friend, one family member, and one MBA connection.

“You are the first person living your life, there can’t be a wrong choice”

This was given to me by the college friend, she has also made some career changes and I valued her input. So often we hold on to an image of what our life “should” look like. But it’s okay if life doesn’t look like that perfect picture. I think many people are reaching for different things no matter where they currently are.

“Keep the professional track, a lot of good things could come from this learning position.”

A family member gave me this advice. She has worked with many different organizations throughout her career, and helped me immensely in reaching out to various companies while job searching. It didn’t end up being one of her connections that employed me, but her advice started swaying me towards accepting the position.

“It’s okay to take an analytical position, you can remain creative outside of your job position.”

And finally a MBA connection gave me this feedback. I value her insight and she’s 100% right. With blogging, the integrated marketing communications track of the MBA program, and the networking I’ve done and will continue to do, I should be able to explore other options in a few years. Having a strong analytical position on my resume is a great addition, and will not take me off course of future dreams.

And now that I have exactly one month in my position I am realizing that I will never be done learning. And numbers aren’t always boring, sometimes you use them to paint a picture.

Who do you reach out to when you need advice?

Chance Chat #38: New Day, New Thoughts

I love a good schedule. If I could fill each day with plans to see a different friend, I’d be a happy camper.

new strengths new thoughts

But my current schedule does not allow that reality. Instead I have to acknowledge all the things I want to do, and weigh them with the things I need to do. I need to prioritize homework, and healthy eating (which usually means healthy cooking, which usually means buying real ingredients, and using them) and working out.

I have a some prior commitments that cannot be altered, and I committed to them because they are important to me. But I am also trying to NOT sign up for more activities right now. My new thing is saying “that sounds like fun, not sure if I’ll be able to go”. Because it usually does sound like fun, and while I might have my schedule open, I also need to allow flexibility in my schedule.

If every single day has something scheduled, I can’t allow fun things to pop up. So I have to take a chance, and allow for some open calendar days. It might mean missing out on a few scheduled opportunities, but it also might open me up for some last minute opportunities.

Do you like to know what the coming days will bring with a good schedule?

Or do you like the mystery of a new day and no plans?

My First Minnstameet!

A few weeks ago I attended my first Minnstameet, and now I want all my friends to come!! “@Minnstameets plans and hosts gatherings – called “Instameets” – where Minnesota Instagrammers can meet each other in person and take photos.” From their website.

Minnesota Children's Museum Mission

I heard about the group through blogger friends, and was so happy that there was a meetup scheduled at the Minnesota Children’s Museum on a day that I happened to be in St. Paul. I didn’t arrive with my friends, or really confirm that they were going, but I made sure to tweet a few times so hopefully they would find me!

minnesota children's museum fish

I was one of the first to arrive and ended up being on the Minnesota Children’s Museum Periscope feed! Anytime an organization or small business really tries to become active on social media and reaches out to the community I feel it is very important to support those efforts.

minnesota children's museum minnstameet

I wasn’t sure how many photos were supposed to be taken during a Minnstameet, and I normally post a couple photos a week on instagram, so when I posted 9 in the span of two hours…I was probably annoying some of my non-blogger friends. Oops!

minnesota children's museum shadow

I’m hoping to attend more events in the future, but with how crazy my schedule is, I might just have to enjoy instagram on my own for a little bit.

Have you ever attended an Instagram meetup?

How often do you post on instagram? Weekly? Multiple times a day?


My Own Ever After…Brewfest Recap

TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Everyone wants a happy ending, but stories don’t wrap up neatly, if they wrap up at all. Today you’ll have to shut the book where you shut it and make up your own ever after.

Yesterday’s horoscope was perfect for me. I’ve known for a while that it’s going to be up to me to figure out how my story ends. No one is going to do it for me.

Harvest Moon Briefest

Saturday I volunteered to help set up the Harvest Moon Brewfest. And next year I’ll be asking all my friends to come join me, because it was awesome!! I love that Aitkin has a building with such character and potential. I love that there are locals willing to support endeavors, and out of towners who came to check it out too!

Selfie with home-brew

There were a few awkward moments though. One person asked me who I came to the event with…which was myself. I didn’t see the need to bring a buddy when the event is wandering around and trying beer, there were going to be plenty of people I could talk to. And yes, the photo is intentionally a selfie reflection. Although that other person behind me wasn’t intentional.

brainerd lakes beer

The other awkward moment was when someone asked…so where’s your significant other? I have no idea where the idea that I had a significant other came from, but I pretty much started laughing immediately. I don’t blame either of these people for making assumptions. It’d be great if I had a partner in crime. But at the moment I’m single, and I’m writing my own story.

katie and johnny

And there’s always the love of this guy. It may just be sibling love, but he’s pretty great.

Chance Chat #37: Running Wild

What hurts more….walking slowly into a brick wall? Or running through it?

She ran wildly

Pain cannot be avoided in life. Last year’s “peace perspective” was a lot of protecting myself from pain. But this year’s one little word of “chance” has been about leaving my safety net, and embracing that not everything will be peaceful.

I foresee plenty of discomfort in the next couple weeks/months. I’m re-learning how to be in a classroom, trying to adjust to “big city” living, and trying to keep different relationships strong throughout all the changes.

Here’s hoping I can embrace the change, the wild emotions, and find some joy in these fearful experiences.

What do you do when you’re scared? Do you shut down? Or do you pick up the pace?