Thank you Rory Gilmore…1 week recap.

I’m drinking champagne as if it’s Thanksgiving Eve all over again friends. The last few weeks have been rough. Lots of overtime, minimal free time, and all I could do was focus on Thanksgiving.

I traveled to Florida to see my family, go on a few boat rides, morning walks on the beach with my mom, and even paddle boarded twice. But last Wednesday I had tears in my eyes at church, overwhelmed. Completely exhausted. I came back to work yesterday (tuesday) and was afraid I was going straight back to that path. But today the fog is starting to lift. And guess what…I have Rory Gilmore to thank.

thank you rory gilmore

Spoilers: Rory has no job, no apartment, and while she has a boyfriend, he’s not that great and she’s fooling around with an ex-boyfriend. Aka, she’s a mess. And I have a job, and an apartment, and while I don’t have a boyfriend, my relationships are all fairly healthy.

I loved the revival. There were some things I didn’t care for, but overall I think they did a wonderful job. I’d love for there to be a second season/year/edition, but we need everyone back in order for me to be fully on board.

I’m not up to date on the Gilmore Guys podcast, so its pretty fun to be listening to old episodes where they speculate about the reunion, knowing that it has happened, and they were in a scene!

So cheers to a better week. To taking things one day at a time, and knowing that the hard times don’t last forever. Rory will get things under control, and so will I.

Did you watch the A Year in the Life? What were your thoughts?

Wait: Plan

A day late, but its still the weekend for me. I’m writing from Florida and will be flying into Minnesota this afternoon. Just enough time tonight to finish homework, cook dinner, and maybe do laundry. I had hoped to do some big thinking while I was gone. That didn’t necessarily happen, but I did relax. Got some great online shopping deals, and finished all but one Christmas present.

wait plan

Its been a while since I’ve worked on something new. I’m not the type of person to find something random and jump in with both feet, but I do enjoy mapping out a plan and working my way through it. So I’m on the search.

Are you a planner? Or a jump-in-and-do-er?


Thanksgiving 2016

Hello from the Sunshine State! I’m applying lots of sunscreen and taking it easy. Instead of running each morning I’ve been going for walks on the beach with my mom. The last few weeks have been pretty stressful, so I’m going with the flow and trying to rest up.

champagne We watched the Vikings do what they do best (lose) before cleaning up for dinner. Since there are 4 of us we don’t do the big meal at home and instead went to our favorite restaurant.
lobster mac and cheese

Johnny and I both had lobster mac and cheese. He has done the research and Fresh Catch Bistro has the absolute best on Fort Myers Beach. Friday we went for a boat ride and today (Saturday) we have friends coming over for a visit. I’m glad I still have all day Sunday to be here, and maybe get my homework done before flying back to real life.

Is your Thanksgiving the same every year? Or do you mix it up and try new things/places/foods?

Don’t Wait, Live.

I didn’t write this week. I was out and about, and didn’t find time to finish a post. I also didn’t read other blogs. With the holiday weekend coming up I’m hoping for some quiet time to get caught up and maybe even a few posts drafted.

don't wait live

Sometimes friends tell me to “say no to things” of course they usually say that when I’m trying to say no to them. Truthfully there aren’t many things I want to give up right now. I’d like someone to do cooking/dishes/laundry, but in reality it doesn’t take that much time for me to do it.

I like to focus on what I can say “yes” to. So my blog posts may become more and more sporadic. I’d like to spend more time on Linked In and professional development. I love this space, but I don’t see myself becoming a famous blogger, I don’t actually know if those exist anymore.

If you could hire someone to help you out with a chore or activity, what would it be?

Don’t Wait, speak up.

I know everyone is pissed off about the election for one reason or another. All of your opinions are valid, and I think people on all sides of the issue can agree that there are problems. Friday night I met a woman who is part of the problem. My dad was telling her  about my brother, who loves the restaurant we were at. Johnny has his preferred spot to sit, and his favorite items on the menu. We also told her about the different activities he enjoys, especially driving around with Daddy.

katie johnny painting

Her response was… “Normal kids don’t live with their parents.” EXCUSE ME!?!? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Johnny is extraordinary, he may not be able to move out of the house, but that doesn’t make him less of a person. And he might not live at home forever, but why can’t he for now?

He may require 24 hour care, but that doesn’t mean he can’t love and be loved. Granted, he wasn’t with us at the time, so maybe she felt it wasn’t disrespectful because it wasn’t to his face. But it was. Completely disrespectful.

I wrote a guest post for and maintained so much positivity during that post. But there’s a dark side to adults with disabilities. Johnny isn’t 5 years old, he’s 25, and people are rude. I mostly kept my cool (at least on the outside) and managed to not upset others in the restaurant, but the woman’s words hurt, and she has no idea what life is truly like. She claimed to have some kind of experience with disabled adults, but clearly by her words that experience does not equal understanding.

To be fair, I wrote this right away on Friday night because I needed to get it out of my system. But I’m still mad at this lady, and I hope my shutting down the conversation reminded her.. If you can’t say anything nice, maybe don’t say anything at all?

No question this week, instead, tell me something GOOD!

US Bank Stadium, know before you go.

Game day is stressful. Sure for the players, coaches, cheerleaders, and others involved with the team. But also for the fans. You want to have fun, get there safe, see your friends, find your seats, eat good food.

us bank stadium

Every stadium has its own tips and tricks, the more you go, the more you learn what works best for you. I’m still figuring out U.S. Bank Stadium, but for now here are my top tips.

  1. Get there early! Not just an hour before the game, 2 would be best/bare minimum.
    1. I brunched before the game this week with a 9:30 reservation, even with that we were seated around 10, and our food took it sweet time coming. We parked early and walked to brunch so that we could just walk into the stadium.
  2. Leave early, or be VERY patient. Traffic sucks. I stayed for overtime and wish I hadn’t. Thankfully the friends I rode to the game with are fun, so we just sat and chatted since we didn’t talk much during the game.
  3. Walk around! The different food options are spread out, so take the time to wander around the stadium and see the different views. So far it has been warm enough for “the gates” to be open, but I’m assuming it will eventually get too cold for them.

Don’t Wait, try again.

Visiting your college campus 10 years after your freshman year can be a weird experience. Some things are exactly the same, most buildings, the drive, the view. Me? Completely different. I never went to a swim meet as a student, even though I had a friend who swam. Its pretty shameful. But I’m fairly certain she’s forgiven me.

don't wait try again

My cousin is a freshman swimmer so I made the trip down with family to watch his first collegiate meet. He did great! I hope to go to more events in the next few seasons, but watching reminded me of a few things.

  1. You never know what people are up to when you aren’t around. Student athletes are amazing. They have to keep up with their classes while also making time for practices and games/meets/matches.
  2. Pools have multiple uses. Its been over a year since I’ve swam laps. Which is a bummer. While I hate smelling like chlorine, I did like my swim workouts. I have access to a pool thanks to my MBA classes and I really need to take advantage of it this winter.
  3. You have time. I was gone all day Saturday, but my apartment is still reasonably clean and my homework is done. You just have to be sure to not waste time, or if you do waste time, accept it. I didn’t get a run in on Saturday, and I definitely didn’t get 10,000 steps on my fitbit. So Sunday morning I made sure to get up and run before brunch before the Vikings game.

When was the last time you swam in a pool? Were you a student athlete ever?

p.s. I wrote try again as my “don’t wait” because I need to get myself back in the pool. Its also the time of year that I start considering next year’s word. Nothing is standing out at this point.

October 2016 Recap

My favorite month is gone, and I’m not quite sure where it went. I did plenty, especially outside, but its hard to believe trick or treating is over, and we get to move on to turkey time.

october biking

I plan on biking as long as I can, but hopefully this weekend I’ll get my bike into the shop for a tune up. I bought an indoor trainer this spring, and I’ve been waiting for cold weather to try it out.

still kickin beer

Somehow the liquor store by my apartment had 2 packs of the Still Kickin beer leftover from Summer. I bought them both and gifted one to Emily. My four haven’t actually been opened yet, but hopefully soon!

minneapolis i like you

I’ve officially lived in my apartment for one year. I celebrated by taking everything out of my closet and rearranging on Saturday (after doughscuits at Muccis). Last week I finally was in Northeast near this wall. What gives me hope is how many new things I’m experiencing and new people I’m meeting even while the past year as pretty much been the same week after week.

How long have you lived at your place? How often do you clean out your closets?


Don’t Wait, Donut.

Doughnuts, Donuts, Biscuits, Doughscuits. Saturday morning I treated myself to some time at Mucci’s. I need to take advantage of my proximity to good restaurants, so after some consideration of biking or running to breakfast, I drove myself down with my journal, a book, and no other plans for the morning.

muccis donuts

Fueled by a delicious fried chicken topped doughscuit, aka biscuit that’s been fried like a donut, I was moved to pull everything out of my closet and rearrange. Two days later it isn’t all put back together, but it’s still better than how it had been. I also managed to vacuum Saturday morning, and Sunday night was spent washing my sheets and taking a night shower so I could climb into clean sheets with a clean self. Here’s hoping it means that the week will start fresh. I had a rough couple days at work which was the main reason for the need to doughscuit. But new week, new possibilities.

What’s your doughnut preference? How do you spell it? Where do you get your favorite?


Having It All…Fall?

Hello Darkness my old friend….I’m dealing with delightful headaches in the evenings so far this week. I like to think its because my body isn’t appreciating the sun setting so early. At least after mid-December the days will get longer again?

having it all

I can either get all my workouts in, or cook healthy meals, or have a clean apartment, or see my friends. I can do and, and, and. It just doesn’t work that way for me. Also, if that’s the biggest problem I have right now, I suppose things aren’t so bad.

lost in the woods

There are things I want in life, that I’ve wanted for a while, but they seem to be taking their sweet time to get to me. So for now I’m just going to keep doing the best I can, with what I have, and watch for signs along the way.

Do you have it all? Teach me your ways? What is your top priority these days?