September 2016 Recap

In the process of the month I have started my 2nd year of the MBA program, continued to struggle with finding my groove, and had one wonderful trip to Colorado.

crested butte horseback riding

Horseback riding in Crested Butte was the surprise of the month. I loved the ride, getting up in to the mountains, and having some quiet time with my friends. Its amazing that I’ve known them my whole life, and yet I’m still learning things about them.

colorado driving

The views were so gorgeous, and I’m ready for a few rain-free weekends to really soak up Minnesota’s Fall beauty. I’m more and more aware of how important outside time is for me. While I enjoy going to fun events, a stable schedule allows me to feel my best.

Do you do something different every week?

Or do you have certain things that are necessary for a good week?


Don’t Wait, Enjoy the Ride

I completely failed at posting by 7 am, I also failed at posting by 7 pm. Good thing my blog doesn’t have a boss, because I’d be getting a talking to.

crested butte horseback riding

Last weekend I was horseback riding in Colorado, this weekend I took a long walk in St. Paul. Both were wonderful, but so different. There are highs and there are lows, but I’m trying my best to enjoy the good things. And not get too tied down by the low points.

Going horseback riding was not something I expected on the short Colorado trip, but it was so wonderful to see some new sights, have quiet time with a few friends, and remind myself to be okay with going off the expected path.

Do you plan all your vacations?

Or do you see what happens once you’re there?

Delayed Response

I thought I’d never see you again! After writing my Sunday post on Saturday night, I went to sleep, woke up a few hours later drove 5 hours to Denver, flew back to Minnesota, and once I was back in my apartment attempt to start my computer….attempted.

It was dead. I plugged it in, and nothing. I bought a new charger over my lunch break on Monday, nothing. So I scheduled a genius bar appointment for mid-week, and chatted with support hoping they’d give me a mystery fix….no such luck.

Thankfully I live close to campus and was able to get all my homework done late Monday night. Once I got to the genius bar they quickly removed the battery, put it back in, and all was good again!

mac back to life

This started to look up for the week, but I know the weekend is going to back packed with trying to settle back in from vacation, more homework, and maybe a workout or two. Thankfully I was able to visit my MNCommunity friends at their 1 year anniversary event.

blackeye minneapolisThere are so many things I want to check out, and yet on my own I just don’t get there. Blackeye is one of those places, and thankfully they were the hosts! As a bonus I got to try the most delicious Rebel Donuts, and see some friends I haven’t seen in so long. I’m bummed to be missing Social Media Breakfast this morning, but I will be at Camp Coco and Minnesota Bloggers Conference in October.

How do you handle life when technology fails?

It was a rough week, but thankfully no expensive fixes were needed!

Don’t Wait, Visit

As you’re reading this I’m somewhere in the mountains on my way to Denver, so I can fly to Minneapolis. It’s been a whirlwind couple of days. I left my St. Paul apartment at 8 on Thursday morning, and finally arrived in Crested Butte, Colorado at 10 pm.

I heart CB

Now all I want to know is….what took me so long? Myself and 13 others traveled together to celebrate the marriage of good friends. After more than 20 years its more like friends that are family. We hiked, laughed, took photos and tried new things. I cannot wait to really dive into all the photos. One thing is for certain, I will be back.

Of course the trip wasn’t perfect, I left the reception before the last dance because I just need to get some sleep. There was a delay in picking up our rental car, so our arrival could have been 8 pm instead of the 10 pm. For better or for worse I love these people.

Do you have friends that live far away? Visit them! Don’t wait until a wedding. While it was wonderful, I now want to visit so I can get a better idea of their daily life and have more quality time that isn’t quite as stressed.

The Triathlon Season that Wasn’t.

Now that Ironman Madison is done, its time for me to announce my plans for next year!

bike tile

Hahahah, you didn’t fall for that did you? This summer I never caught the triathlon bug. I completed a 5k, a 10k, and two sprint triathlons. Which is great, but it didn’t feel great.

Sure I was on the lake this summer, I just was never in it to swim. My biking was minimal. And my runs were fairly consistent, but never pushing towards new speeds or additional distance.

Boat Sunset

Race day nerves are always a thing, but it was my pride that got me across the finish line, not my training. So what is my triathlon future? Who knows… I’ve got grand plans to swim this winter while I have access to a college fitness center, and hopefully that will happen, even if it was every other week, not every week.

swim startSo what will I do next year? No idea. I would love to reinvigorate my training, but I’m not specifically planning on any one thing. I am finding that yoga once a week is an incredibly important part of my health, so I know that will continue.

What workouts are you loving lately?

How do you renew your energy?



Don’t Wait, Greek

So often Facebook fills my feed with fun events. I can see that other friends are interested, but when asked they are rarely actually going. Schedules just don’t allow for every fun thing that comes up.

Minneapolis Greek Festival

Saturday evening I met a friend and friends of the friend at the Minneapolis Greek Festival. We weren’t sure what to expect, but given the Uptown location we figured if the event wasn’t what we were into, we could easily go somewhere else. 3 hours later, its safe to say we are fans!

Purchasing tickets for food and drink is always concerning, how many do you need? I spent $25 which allowed for a wine flight, a glass of rose, a beer, and dessert. (Priorities real clear there….) With the group I got a taste of some of the best spanakopita, stuffed grape leaves, and my dessert contribution was a fried dough coated in honey and cinnamon, that I couldn’t spell to save my soul (safe to say, it was all delicious).

fix, greek beer

I’m so glad I made it a point to actually got the event that I saw on Facebook. It was a wonderful way to explore a different culture and meet new people!

Do you go to Facebook events? Or do you mark “interested” and end up not attending?

Also…Favorite Greek food? I’m tempted to say all of it!


Sunsets, Pontoons, and Early Morning Phone Calls

Sunset season is almost ending (its not nearly as beautiful when you’re at work, or leaving work) so I’m trying to be outside in the daylight as much as possible. I go back to school on Tuesday and not sure how I feel about that….other than I know I need to buy my books! (oops).

fall sunset

I was responsible for driving the pontoon onto the trailer for the first time….I love the confidence my dad has in my boat driving abilities, but I was a much better driver in middle school when I couldn’t legally drive a car, so I spent all my time on the boat instead. Thankfully there were no major crashes.pontoon portage

Friday morning I woke up to my phone ringing at 5:55 am. I didn’t recognize the number but figured I should answer just in case….I assumed I’d figure out who it was based off the conversation. Wrong. It wasn’t quite the gif below….but it was close.

cosmo snapchat


And then I remembered why I don’t answer phone calls from numbers I don’t recognize.

Do you always answer your phone? Or do you let it go to voicemail and then listen?

Don’t Wait: Change

The state fair is all about the food, but I did have to visit the education building. Not for free pens, pencils, and stickers, but to send a Gustie Gram. Its not every year that I know a current student, but my cousin moved in on Friday! So if he hasn’t yet, eventually he’ll find a note in his post office box from me.

Don't wait Change

It’s hard to believe that as a member of the 2010 class I’ll have a cousin in the class of 2020. But I am so excited for him to experience Gustavus. College is a wonderful thing. You learn so much from 18-22, but a friend and I were talking this week, and we both argue that 22-25 is a much steeper learning curve.

I’m not the same person I was at 18, or 20, or 24. There were good aspects of my personality then, there are different good aspects now. My point this week, which I’m having a hard time getting to for some reason….Don’t wait around, don’t plan change for 2017. Change now. Accept that things won’t be the same. Explore something new. Try something a little different.

How have you changed? When was the last time you noticed a change in yourself?

August 2016 Recap

Alert the media, 2 posts this week! Don’t get used to it though, MBA classes start again shortly, and I’ve already gotten two emails from the professor…. and class doesn’t start for another week! Either way, I am so happy to be officially half way through the program.

August 2016 recap

This month has been hard, even with fun things, I’ve been feeling pretty down. Thankfully Fall is my favorite season, and I’ve got more fun things planned, so hopefully life starts to look up!

Dating but like maybe

Even with the integrated marketing COMMUNICATION concentration of my MBA, I still don’t quite know how to talk to men that I’m interested in. Not that I’ve ever said “I miss you” to someone I’ve only been a on a few dates with. But I am trying to find the sweet spot between offering date ideas and waiting for him to ask me out. So I’ll just keep working on being SUUUUPER Chill, while also having all of my time scheduled.

speed limit sign

This sign is pretty much my motto right now. I’m trying to balance everything and not going 100 miles per hour every day. The hard part is the low feeling when I’ve spent a lot of time on one area of life, and not had a good balance, but the balance usually means being go-go-go to fit everything in. So I’ve got to find that 20 mile per hour feeling every now and then. No rush, no fuss, just cruising along.

What were your thoughts on August? Are you ready for fall or holding onto Summer while it lasts?


Tips for the Minnesota State Fair 2016

The weekend is over, and Monday isn’t quite over yet, but thankfully most of us have a three day weekend coming!! I took Friday off last week to celebrate a friend’s birthday at the Minnesota State Fair. Over the last few years I have experienced the fair with different people in tow,  a boyfriend,  one close friend, and this year with a group of 9. The benefit to a large group is you can have a bite of almost everything! But it also means you’ve got 9 different ways to explore the same event.

  1. Bus in. Seriously, do not park. The best part is, you’ll be dropped off at the Blue Barn, perfect for grabbing your first food or drink as you acclimate to the craziness.

mn state fair craft beer2. Follow the Path. The fair is a giant “L” shape. Back tracking to something is going to add time and not in a good way. (we did not do this and I really wish it had been a rule).

Deep Fried Grilled Cheese

  1. Stand in Line, Patiently. If you’ve made your way to the Minnesota State Fair, accept the fact that everyone else in Minnesota is also here. The deep fried grilled cheese from O’Gara’s is 100% worth the wait. (other food is good, but this one is the best).

mn state fair sunset

  1. Prepare to be there all day long. Don’t give yourself a deadline for when you need to be somewhere else. It will take all the fun out of it.

What are your fair rules? Do you go once a year, every couple years, or multiple times each year? (I would go again this year, but I’d want to check out more of the buildings).