Yogatta Try This! Part 4 of 6, Try, Try Again, and Again.

Now that you’ve survived your first yoga class. You definitely have an opinion about yoga. You might think its easy, or boring, or super hard, or totally overwhelming. But my answer for you is, try it two more times.

Katie Looking Forward Yoga Dancers Pose

 Until you try a class three times, you can’t say you don’t like it. (I hold this opinion for all workout classes)*

The studio, teacher, class, temperature, music, time of day, day of the week, and your personal mentality for the day all effect how a class feels to you.

When you’re really stressed out, you might need a tough workout, where you can put all your energy into the class, and come out of shavasana feeling refreshed. Other times, you might be at the end of your rope and need a hot power class to connect you to your body. Or, you may need take a restorative class with relaxing postures so you can have an hour away from the craziness in your life.

The first time you take any class, you are learning as you are doing. Then when you take a class for a second time, you can have a better idea of what to expect! Finally, in the third class you can really find your groove, and know if its going to work for you.

The temperature in the class as well as what you’re wearing can alter how you feel about a class. If you plan for a hot class, wear shorts and a tank top, only to find yourself in a restorative you may wish you had more layers. Or you may wear long pants and a t-shirt, only to realize that you’re sweating before the class even gets started.

The first time I go to a yoga class, I usually wear capri leggings, a sports bra, tank top, and bring a t-shirt with. If the room feels cool, I’ll start with wearing the t-shirt and take it off as I warm up (with the tank top underneath of course!) Or if the room feels warm, I’ll wear the tank top, and possibly change into the t-shirt afterwards so the drying sweat doesn’t make me chilly.

Have you ever tried a workout class and not loved it? Did you give it a second (or third) try?

*As always, I am not a Doctor, please check with a Doctor for your particular situation.

Peace XV: Gentle

Happy Easter! I could have found a pin with a cute bunny, and I almost didn’t share this post, but I decided to just go with it.

In case you’re new to the Peace Perspective, here and here is where you can read the meaning behind it.

Be Gentle with Yourself Peace PerspectiveToday’s post was found from my friend Ashley. The first phrase is what really speaks to me. Being gentle with yourself is so important. What advice would you give a friend? Would you call them stupid? If you wouldn’t, don’t call yourself stupid.

Lately life has been noisy and confusing for me. The last weekend of March and first weekend of April were jammed packed. I felt like I was spread a bit too thin. I had dinner with friends one Friday night and left at 10:30 because I had been yawning at the table. Typically I could have stayed out til Midnight chatting and having fun.

Then last weekend I didn’t have many plans. And having so much free time was frustrating. I wanted to be busy, but couldn’t find something to do. This weekend I also didn’t have many plans. I taught 2 yoga classes on Saturday morning and was blessed with amazing students. I took my new bike out for the first time, and managed to pop a tire. But instead of being hard on myself like last weekend. I was gentle. I’ll try to fix it. If I can’t, I find someone who can help me, and hopefully teach me along the way.

Are you gentle with yourself? Or do you need to be reminded to be a little nicer?

Fast Friday: Funk City

If you didn’t notice, this last week was a struggle for me!

Funk City Need Sun

Thankfully it seems I wasn’t alone. Caitlin’s Healthy Tipping Point post was one of the first times I was able to laugh this week.

Everything Happens For a ReasonI’ve been self hosted for a week now, and am not sure how I feel about it. But I was able to post my first sponsored post this week! Thank you Blue Diamond for connecting with me, I hope I did them proud! Here’s a little “behind the blogging scene photo” which didn’t make it into the post.

Behind the Scenes BloggingThankfully things seem to be picking up, earlier in the week I wrote my Peace Perspective for Sunday, and have it scheduled, but I might go back and edit it to be a bit more uplifting.

Easter Dress

Yogatta Try This: Class & Snack with Blue Diamond

Missed Part 1 and 2? Catch up! As much as I love New Years Resolutions….The changing of the seasons also inspires me to mix things up, which is why I’m sharing what you should bring/do before your first class yoga class.

Yogatta Try This! Blue Diamond

Whether its your first class ever, or your first class at a new studio, the tips are the same! So get out of your winter cocoon, and get your good going!

  1. Check the website/social media. (Make sure class is on, and what they provide.)
  2. What to bring? (Water, Mat, Towel, etc).
  3. What time to arrive? (earlier is always better, think 15 minutes)
  4. What to eat/drink prior? (hydration and snacks are important!)
  5. What to tell the instructor? (Your workout and/or injury history)

Each of these tips are going to ensure that you have the most positive experience possible.

  • Its not fun to stress about traffic, get to class late, only to find out that the instructor is sick and class is cancelled!
  • Mats: you can buy a cheap mat at most major retailers (aka, Target). I wouldn’t spring for anything fancy until you know what you’re looking for. I had a target mat with a yogitoes towel for 3 years before finally upgrading. Now I’m using the lululemon “the mat” and love every expensive penny I paid for it.
  • Some studios will have mats available for use, just make sure to ask them if you need to wipe it down after class.
  • If you aren’t drinking water each day, start! You should drink a bottle of water a few hours before class, a bottle during class, and a bottle in the evening after class!
  • Also, I always go to the bathroom before class, its going to be hard to concentrate if you’re worried you have to “go”!

However, we do not exist on water alone. I tend to eat breakfast around 7:30 and lunch at 11:30. When I teach my 5pm Sculpt class, I’m usually hungry!! My favorite, curb the craving snack is Blue Diamond Almonds, specifically the Salt and Vinegar ones which I can buy at my local (small) grocery store. They kick the need for potato chips, and don’t mess with my stomach. (I’ve had students who’ve come to class so hungry they weren’t able to complete the workout, I’ve also had students come to class after a big meal. Please find what size snack works best for you!)

Salt 'n Vinegar Blue Diamond Almonds My favorite thing about the 1.5 ounce serving bags, they travel well! Spring in Minnesota can be quite the weather roller coaster. But with Blue Diamond Almonds I don’t worry about them melting, freezing, or crumbling! Have you tried Blue Diamond Almonds yet? Do you have a favorite flavor?

Finally, make sure you share with the instructor what your workout history is. As an instructor, I can never look at a body and know what it is capable of. I’ve had countless students surprise me with how tough they are! But at the same time, I never want to push someone who has an injury, and not all injuries are visible. So please, share what workouts you’ve done in the past, and any past injuries so I can give you a few tips before we start class.

Next week I’ll share a few “what if” situations in a yoga class, and how I would suggest you handle them. If you have any questions at all, you can email me at

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds for their Get Your Good Going Campaign. I was given product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own! 

Peace Perspective XIV: Honest

This week’s Peace Perspective is one I actually disagree with.

Peace Perspective HonestThe pin also reminds me of Divergent. I read the series while I was on vacation, and loved them! I’m tired of loving trilogies, especially when I know I’ll be sucked into the movies, and I start to feel like one of the masses, but I just can’t resist.

If I were a member of the Candor faction, I would be all about this quote. However, I think there is a time and a place for honesty. My thoughts and feelings are emotional. I might be honest about what I am feeling, but the emotion surrounding those feelings taint the thoughts from being truly honest. Sometimes I “hate” people, but I’m not going to walk up to them and say “I hate you”. Instead, I will look at what is bothering, do I “hate” them because I’m jealous? Because they are able to do something I can’t? That’s more about me than it is about them.

I took a Buzzfeed quiz and discovered….

Amity Divergent Faction BuzzfeedWhich I could totally be behind, except for the voting on everything, lies, and peace serum…. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but hope to soon!

What are your feelings on honesty? Did you read/watch Divergent? What Faction would you be in?


Fast Friday: Self Hosted?! HLS!!

Can you hear me now? Good!

I think my self hosting has officially been updated, its a little confusing because I was never, I had bought my domain from the start. If you know absolutely anything about self hosting, feel free to read my twitter (@katie_lf)and see what I’m currently stressing out over.

Two weekends ago I picked up my new road bike! (and got a haircut)

Katie Looking Forward Bike Bought Haircut

I’ll do a full review on the bike once I’ve ridden enough to feel comfortable.

I ventured over to a side of the Twin Cities I don’t go to often, and found…Katie Looking Forward Madison Healthy Living Summit

Okay, so I took a photo, and then spiced it up a bit. If you don’t have in your feedly or bloglovin. You missed this important post. And if you didn’t sign up for their emails, you missed this.

I’ve got an idea for a session, but there is no way I want to do a solo session. If you’d like to buddy up with me, let me know!

What are you up to these days? Do you have big plans for the weekend?

Yogatta Try This: Part 2 of 6, Types of Yoga!

*Announcement before we get into the Yoga! I’ll be moving to self hosted tomorrow, so if I don’t respond to comments right away, or if things look weird…they will be addressed as soon as possible!

When someone tells me “I do a lot of yoga” my first reaction is always “Awesome! What kind?” For some yoga is a spiritual connection, you may be as Christian as they come, but  yoga may be your way of connecting with God. For others, yoga is a way to alleviate pain in their body. The gentle stretching can loosen up muscles that seem to be perpetually knotted. For others, yoga is a way to quietly (or loudly) kick their own ass.

And while every type of yoga is different, every studio is different. Karmady (where I teach) uses the following class descriptions.

Karmady Yoga Class DescriptionCorepower goes as far to tell you what temperatures and humidity their rooms will be at, these may scare you at first, but you may find yourself craving the heat eventually!

There is Bikram. I haven’t taken a Bikram class yet, although if someone knows of a Twin Cities option, please let me know! I did find this article on Greatist a great overview of the class. Basically, its heated to exactly 105 degrees, and you do more specific movements, which means you need to be extra sure that you hydrate properly! My friend Jen wrote a great post about her experience.

These are not the only types of Yoga out there, but these are the ones I would start with offering someone who is just getting into yoga!

What type of class do you like? Are you spiritual, gentle, or ass-kicking?

You can find Part 1 here!

Peace Perspective XIII: Too Many Tabs

Please tell me there are others that connect with this pin!

Peace Perspective XIIIt’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I’m an organized person, but lately I haven’t been double checking things before I commit. Which has resulted in a lot of fun activities, but a little too much driving around.

Last weekend I was visiting friends in the twin cities and they said “didn’t we see a picture you posted at Zorbaz today?” Why yes you did. I went to spin, went on a run, ate pizza, showered, and then drove down here.

Its good to busy, its good to get out and see different groups of friends. But its not okay to over schedule and run yourself ragged.

I signed up for the TC Looney Challenge months ago, and last week I realized I didn’t have a friend’s wedding on my calendar, I knew it was in October, and not the last weekend, but the other three weekends were possible. I thought the bride had wanted the first weekend, but wasn’t sure if she was able to book the wedding for that weekend…

One quick text confirmed what I was afraid. Over-committed. Obviously the Wedding is 1,000x more important than the race, but now the question arises…What do I do with these races. So if you’re up for a challenge, I just might be willing to part with my packet. Let’s talk.

How many tabs do you have open? When do you realize its time to pull back a little?


Fast Friday: Confessions!

Happy Friday Friends! Today I’m sharing some confessions for you. They may shed some light on what’s to come in the next couple weeks. (foreshadowing!)

1. I get more excited about a new grocery store with a good salad bar than I do a new clothing store. Sunday I went to Kowalski’s for the first time, and I think I fell in love!

Since moving home I find myself shopping much less. In the first 3 months of the year I can think of two different times I’ve bought more workout gear, and ZERO times that I’ve bought “real clothes”.

2. I’ve been thinking about becoming self-hosted. I’ve known it was the right move to make, but I didn’t want to screw it up, or spend money on something I didn’t need.

blog loading someecard3. I’ll be driving to the cities on Saturday, driving home Sunday, then driving back to the cities on Monday. I’m not thrilled, but its the way it will have to be.

Any tips for self hosting? Do you love a good grocery store as much as I do?


Yogatta Try This: Part 1 of 6, My History

After inspiration for a few friends, and the popularity of my “Swim Sessions” allow me to introduce: Yogatta Try This!

I’ll be spending the next 6 Wednesdays sharing my love of yoga, what you should do before class, what classes might be best for you, and any other questions you may have. To start with my yoga history!

2010: Corepower Yoga Edina, started with C1, Sculpt, 1.5 (still my favorite studio to take classes). And also the location where I did the CPY tri!

2011: Essentia Health Duluth Fitness Center: Yoga (freezing cold room, 2 old ladies talking about pie, I only went once).

2012: Lakes Fit Yoga: The holiday challenge of going to 5 classes a week for November and December was so wonderful for me and my body. (click here for my review)

MN Hockey Camp: I followed Joleen a local instructor to her new teaching location and love fitting in a class when I can! (they also offer Surfset!)

2013: Yoga Sculpt Certified through Corepower Yoga. (my review of training) Began teaching at Karmady Yoga and Fitness!

Random: I have taken many other types of classes (restorative, fusion, spin and stretch, etc) but sculpt is still my favorite.

Have you tried yoga? What questions do you have?

*I’m not a doctor, so please check with your doctor before starting any workout regime.