Beginner Triathlon Gear

Hello Friends! Its been a crazy week but I’m popping in to share my beginner triathlon gear. I’ve gotten lots of questions lately and want to have a place I can direct everyone. Please note that Triathlon gear can get very expensive, I recommend building your selection slowly and waiting for the right price and option for you! Also, any products listed are not sponsored.

Pre Swim Wetsuit SelfieSwim:Traditional One Piece, Sports Bra and Shorts, Tri Suit…

  • Wetsuit! I bought the Xterra sleeveless, make sure you check on availability before you purchase as I had a long wait for mine to ship.
  • Most transition areas are not private and if you chose to wear a wetsuit you will strip it off in front of everyone. I definitely saw women running (and biking) in one piece swim suits, but that seems painful to me.
  • I would recommend a sports bra and shorts for beginners, make sure you swim in them at least once to be sure they fit properly.
  • I love everything about my MooMotion Tri Suit. I won it through a giveway, but am purchasing a second pair of shorts as I love them and can’t find a decent pair of women’s tri shorts anywhere else.

Goggles: I haven’t experimented with goggles enough to give advice at this point. I bought non-tinted and have been loving them, until last week when I had trouble sighting in the afternoon sun. I just picked up a tinted pair and I’ll see how they differ.

Trek Road Bike SelfieBike: Mountain, Road, Hybrid, or Tri: For my first Duathlon I used my old mountain bike that my parents bought me when I was about 13. It worked just fine, although I did take it in for a tuneup.

  • If you are looking to buy a bike, first go to a bike shop and get a proper fit, learn what size you will be, then start searching Craigs list!
  • What kind of bike you buy depends on your goals. I think I will max out at a Half Ironman, so I purchased a road bike. If you want more freedom, pick a hybrid. If you want to be triathlon specific, then you can jump into those more expensive wheels.

Helmet: Most races require a helmet, at this moment I’m using an older one, but I will eventually upgrade to a newer model.

Sunglasses: Biking at high speed usually means bugs to the face. I have a pair of polarized sunglasses that I bought on super sale at Sunglass Hut. They have lots of rubber on the sides which mean they won’t slip.

Tri for a Cause SelfieRun: Shoes!

  • If you are already a runner or fairly active you probably already have a pair. The run portion of a sprint triathlon is usually under 5 miles, which means this is an easy spot to save some money, if you already have shoes, use what you have!

Do you have any gear recommendations for me?

Peace Perspective: XXiX

Oh friends it has been a tough summer.

Impossible Nelson Mandela QuoteThere have been plenty of days when I thought nothing will ever get done. Thankfully it all comes together. Expectations have to be managed, everyone works at a different pace and trying to control everything only makes you (and possibly everyone around you) miserable.

So take a step back, look at the big picture.


Music to Move to: Summer 2014

Happy Wednesday Friends! I’m in a bit of a post-race funk so there is no workout news to share. I will say that my body held up well on Saturday, I hurried to shower and attend a wedding. I stayed at the reception until about 10:30 pm when I realized everyone was really enjoying themselves, and I was just yawning.

You want to know what doesn’t make me yawn? New Music! These are the songs I will be incorporating into my newest Sculpt playlist, and the songs that I listed to during the run portion of Saturday’s Triathlon.

Summer 2014 MusicKid Cudi is definitely not a new song, but its one I finally got around to purchasing, its a fun one to sing along with!  Colbie Caillat’s music video for Try is not to be missed!

Surprisingly missing from here is any country music! I only get country stations in my car, and I like to keep my workout songs and my driving songs separate.

What songs are you loving lately?

Tri for a Cause 2014 Recap: My First Triathlon!

This is a hard post to write. I’ve looked over other recaps and been disappointed on what I have or haven’t covered. Here’s hoping I can do this race recap justice! Here is my race plan.

Pre-Race: Arrive at 6 am, set up was not assigned, so I initially went towards the back of transition, one of my teammates told me that I should move towards the front so I wouldn’t have to run as far in my bike shoes. I was intimated by the people in the front center, so I opted for the side and was much more comfortable! Wait time was long, but my coffee was able to completely digest and I got 2 bathroom stops pre-race. I had half a bagel at home and felt that was adequate.

Tri for a Cause Race Plan

Swim 600 Yards (15.38): I intended to go straight out, not near the buoy and rope, however I was swimming to the right and ended up running into it, oops! I started strong, then floundered, then kept pulling through. I was very nervous about the last wave swimming over me since I only had a 3 minute head start. I did get a hand to the face, but overall it was an uneventful swim.

Pre Swim Wetsuit Selfie

Transition 1 (2.02): I put my helmet and sunglasses on right away, stripped off my wetsuit, put on my bike shoes (no socks), debated putting my phone in my pocket, but decided against it, had a vanilla gu, sip of water and was off! Felt like I was forgetting something, but never figured out what that would have been.

Tri for a Cause Course Map

Bike 16.3 Miles (57.45): I started strong passing 4 people. I think I was passed by 3. One man completely ignored the passing rules and really ticked me off. I was supposed to be given four feet of space while being passed, he was right next to me and was not passing in the correct amount of time. I was not happy. Other than that, the course went well, I am so glad I was able to ride it before, which is in this post.

Transition 2 (1.27): Took off my spin shoes, put on my sneakers, my fingers were numb so I didn’t put on socks BIG MISTAKE! (blister happened, I won’t make you see the picture). Chugged some water, debated carrying it, but didn’t.

Tri for a Cause Selfie

Run 4 Miles (46:50): I ran the entire course, it wasn’t fast by any means, but it was running! I didn’t take water at the transition, however I did drink a cup and dump a cup on me at mile 1, at mile 3 I drank another cup. I was passed by plenty of runners but I didn’t let that get me down. Music was allowed on the run and I am very thankful for that! I needed it to keep going and stay positive.

Overall: 2:03:39

Next Time….

  • Have phone in my race belt and wear on the bike, not because I have to…but because I want my phone just in case.
  • Pre-ride the bike AND run course.
  • Put on socks for the run.

Do you have any questions about the race? I would love for more people to join me next year! This course was perfect for a beginner and the distances are reasonable enough even without a ton of training!

Peace Perspective XXVIII: Bad vs Blank

I don’t call myself a writer, sometimes not even a blogger, rather “i have a blog”. I enjoy this space where I am able to share, but I don’t spend much time on the self promotion, SEO, or formatting that I could/should.

Jodi Picoult QuoteSimilarly, I wouldn’t consider myself an athlete. Almost anyone could run a marathon without training and still beat my race time. However, the attempts I make while racing are something that I am proud of. Any forward motion is better than no motion.

Attempting to create something is better than refusing. Put yourself out there. Try. See what happens. Learn from it, and maybe try again. Or try something else.

*In complete honesty I wrote this prior to Saturday morning, so I have no idea how my first triathlon went. If you are really curious, check out Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram as I usually update there on the weekends!

Tri for a Cause Race Plan

I’m 3 sleeps away from my first triathlon! Here is my training post in case you miseed it! My goals are as follows: finish the swim, finish the bike, finish the run, finish the whole thing! I have no expectations for time or freak outs. I do think I will finish, but if enough little things go wrong, I could potentially pull myself off the course.

wetsuit selfieI ordered my wetsuit back in June, however they were out of stock! Thankfully it finally shipped and last night I tried it on! I wore it around the house for almost an hour and also took it off and put it back on a second time just to make sure I could do it. Tonight I will swim with it (which should be interesting) and from there I teach sculpt, pick up my packet friday, and race Saturday!

Tri For a Cause LogoHere is my schedule as well as what I plan on packing.


6:00 AM Transition opens.

8:15 Pre-race meeting, then race start.

Swim: Wet Suit, MooMotion Tri Suit, additional sports bra, goggles, swim cap.

T1: Towel, socks, bike shoes, helmet, sunglasses, gu, water to clean feet, water to drink.

Bike: Everything I put on in T1, water in cage.

T2: Switch shoes, lose helmet, gu, water.

Run: Everything I put on in T2.

11:30 Awards ceremony (after final finisher). Lakes Area Multisport (LAMS) photo.

12:15 I must be in my car driving home, I have to get changed for a wedding!

Can you think of anything I’m missing?

Wine Tasting with Blue Diamond Almonds

We are officially in the middle of Summer entertaining! With living on the lake we never know when our next batch of company will stop in.  Thankfully we keep our basement stocked with treats, this year we especially have Wine and Almonds as they make for easier and healthier options!

Blue Diamond Almonds Wine*Disclosure, I received these Blue Diamond Almonds for free in exchange for this post. Here and anywhere else on my social media sites my opinion is always my own. Also, when I used the word “healthier” please recognize that I’m not a doctor.

I will try any wine once, but I highly recommend having a snack along. Food pairing can totally change how a wine tastes. I like how the Whole Natural almonds paired with Sauvingnon Blanc. For red wine, I love Pinot Noir especially in the summer. It tastes delicious and was a great accompaniment to the Rosemary & Black Pepper almonds.

In addition to the Whole Natural and Rosemary & Black Pepper almonds I would also recommend an aged cheddar and a gouda cheese. If you want to make this a meal, include some grilled chicken and a salad to satisfy everyone while being fairly healthy!

What wines are you enjoying right now? What are your favorite snacks to include?


Peace Perspective XXVII: Strong and Patient

I almost didn’t have a post ready for this morning! Thankfully I have plenty of half written posts and this photo fits the week.

Be Strong Be Patient

Patience is not my greatest virtue. I don’t think any of my friends would consider me patient, outspoken, sure!

Letting go is also something that I wouldn’t consider a strength of mine. I hold on to too much for too long. But acknowledging that it takes strength and is difficult actually makes letting go just a bit easier.

It’s okay to admit things aren’t going the way you would like. The sun isn’t always shining bright, but that doesn’t mean that it’s pitch black outside.

The light will come, it has to. Be strong enough to wait for it to come.

Fast Friday: Five Funnies!

If you are in need of some laughs today, you’ve come to the right place!

Five Funny Things Katie Looking Forward#1. Via Buzzfeed. Before you get too upset. Please recognize this is a Triceratops. Aka Dinosaur. And the man is Steven Spielberg.

#2. Suri’s Burn Book is where I go when I need a laugh, this is my most recent favorite.

#3. I read more “mommy running blogs” than I probably should, but at least I’ll have people to go to if I have questions.

#4. Thank the Lord this has not happened to me! Ashley can tell you about it here.

#5. There has been lots of different stress in my life lately, but I try my best to start each day fresh. Jennifer‘s posts always lift my spirits.

#TriTraining: Open Water Swim

Last week I finally made it to the open water swim group. Last summer I said I was going to join them, but never did. All June I said I was going to join them, but never did. And on July 2nd I remembered my first triathlon is July 19. So I joined them.

Open Water Swim FearsThe Lakes Area Multisport (LAMS) group meets at 5:30 pm on Wednesdays for an open water swim across Whipple Lake.  The group is very encouraging and willing to slow down for the slowest swimmer. There is even a kayak to help them stay visible in the water.

first open water swimThis week they did a warm up of two laps of the blue arrows. The yellow is where we ran across the beach. I was the only person not in a wetsuit, but I did have my Garmin 910x with me to keep me accountable for how long I was swimming.

After the warm up the group went off across the lake. I did not feel comfortable enough in the water to go with them. Instead, I continued swimming the buoy laps. My stroke is all over the place. My right hand goes down in the water which means I don’t get a good pull. My hips barely rotate, and every three strokes I have to be on my side to calm my nerves. My brain was working over time while I was swimming, but it did help me come up with a few tips to share!

  • Know Yourself: the water may be literally over your head, but that doesn’t mean to you should push yourself beyond your comfort level (at least not on the first day).
  • Push Yourself: I wouldn’t have swam for 45 minutes on my own if I hadn’t seen other people doing it. The first 10 minutes (the two laps with everyone) were awful. 20 minutes in I was warmed up. The last 25 minutes I felt like I was actually making some kind of progress.
  • Trust Your Teammates: Prior to the group taking off for across the lake, multiple people offered to swim slow with me. They said I could do it. But I wasn’t so sure. Once they came back in. I realized I probably could have done it.

Triathlon SwimmingHere’s hoping tonight I will swim across the lake!