The “Ahh” Moment

You know that “Ahh” moment? Where all of a sudden your endorphins kick in, and you know that your workout was totally the best idea for you? I’ve had that moment on the treadmill, I’ve had it at yoga….and tonight, for the first time I had it while lifting!! I’m still completing the New Rules of Lifting for Women, and today was Stage 3, Workout A. Towards the end of the lifting portion, during the planks, I was hating my workout. I wanted to quit, I did not want to do 3 plans for 90 seconds each. I just wanted to go home and eat dinner! But I kept going, and all of a sudden, the blood was pumping, and the grimace was turning into a smile, and when walking to do the other portion of the workout I had a little strut going. It all felt great! It felt worth my time and even though I had been feeling like my energy was gone, suddenly I was renewed. This feeling is the reason for continuing to workout! Even though it doesn’t happen every time, its worth chasing. And thats why mixing up workouts are so important! Doing 30 minutes of cardio 4 days a week isn’t all that inspiring. Especially when you’re on a treadmill. But if you mix it up and really utilize the equipment in your gym, you can find those moments, and you can feel renewed. I’m off to continue enjoying my “ahh” moment, I hope you can go find yours!

3 thoughts on “The “Ahh” Moment

  1. KATIE CUMMINGS. I just ordered New Rules of Lifting for Women, and it’s coming tomorrow. Tell me all the ins and outs to keeping on the schedule and not whimping out!

    • Natalie Peters! Way to go! The actual book…I skimmed. The science behind it wasn’t all that interesting to me. (although it probably will be interesting to you!) But I am loving the workouts! I just do 2 lifting sessions per week, and get different cardio in 4-6 days a week. Fbook message me if you have other questions!

  2. Yay! I’m glad to read about what you’re doing and I totally know the feeling… experienced it yesterday when I didn’t want to be at the gym… Went and pushed myself and didn’t feel my heart exploding like usual. It was such a moment of pride! 🙂 Now I want to check out the book you speak of because I need to incorporate more strength into my workouts but the machines at the gym intimidate me. I need a plan. I’m looking for running buddies to do some runs this summer so let me know which ones you’re going to do and perhaps we can support each other through the process 🙂 Good work!

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