Make the Day Yours

Hello Lover! I hope you are surviving this Valentines Day. It isn’t always an easy day to handle. But as someone who spent most Valentines Days single in college I will say sometimes its better to be single and with girlfriends! One year myself and a few girls had a romantic Chipotle dinner followed by drinks and watching “My Girl”. We definitely shed some tears, but they were over Thomas J and the bees and not over the fact that we were single.

Last year I was single and not in college. My night was still memorable as I had set up phone dates with my other single girl friends so that we could catch up on our lives.

This year I am in a relationship and we did go out to dinner last night. It was lovely especially because the restaurant wasn’t over crowded since we were going on an off night.

But the one thing I have done every year which I recommend all females do is buy yourself a present. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. One year I bought a bracelet, this year I bought the new Twilight movie. But it is important to love yourself, because if you don’t, how will you share love with someone else?

Happy Valentines Day!
I love you!

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