I made it, I ate it: Lemon Chicken Piccata

Happy Leap Day everyone! (And happy snow day to most people in Minnesota)

Today I made an effort to go to work, unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans.

Lots of snow in the doorway.

So instead I worked from home, and figured that since I was at home early enough in the evening, I may as well put my full effort into dinner.

After taking inventory of the refrigerator, this is what I came up with Lemon Chicken Picata. And while it seemed a little difficult, I figured it was worth trying, there’s always Grilled Cheese if I failed.

I don’t think I failed. (also I added artichokes to the recipe)

 While I had hoped to make a “Leap Day” style of post, I am very happy with my dinner success. And with that I say, bring on March!

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