Get out and Experience Life.

Last week was tough. Even with an unexpected snow day. By Friday morning all I wanted was to crawl under the covers for the entire weekend. Someone had other plans.Bluefin

For the record, my apartment does not have a fireplace.

I was surprised with a weekend at Bluefin Bay! And relaxing was mandatory. We didn’t turn on the tv, I really only used my computer to listen to music, and there was minimal cell phone reception, which allowed for minimal distractions. We went for a long drive,

And stopped at a visitors center where I grabbed almost every brochure (it was a little embarrassing, but so fun to read about the things to do in Minnesota that I’ve never heard of, or even reading how they talk about towns you know well. We didn’t necessarily plan for it, but ended up taking a hike.

I do not recommend Uggs for hiking, but I didn’t want to be “that girl” who brings 4 pairs of shoes/boots for a weekend trip. Live and learn, next time I’ll pack the extra boots! (And yes, I slipped, but there was no actual injury).

We hoped to see a moose, but had to “settle” instead we saw…..

A wolf!

He actually ran out across the road, but the excitement of actually seeing the wolf slowed down my camera skills reaction time.

I do want to give a big shoutout to Bluefin for the food! We ate at the Bluefin Grille and had amazing food, and since we weren’t interested in the entrees, our meal wasn’t that pricey. I didn’t take my camera to dinner, but I did have it with for breakfast, and thank goodness I did! 

Can you see the heart in my kiwi? Also, if you’re having breakfast at the Coho Cafe, get the  quiche, it had local trout in it and I thought it was amazing! Warm and filling, which are my general desires when it comes to breakfast in the winter. Also, it was nice to not have crappy breakfast potatoes offered. I usually get them and eat them, but it was a good change to eat and enjoy the fruit!

Now its back to normal life, but I am so glad that I didn’t waste the weekend laying in my own bed and got out and experienced life.

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    • I know what you mean! We’ve been having the stereotypical weird Minnesota/Wisconsin weather, sun shining and 40 degrees one day, cloudy the next, and freezing rain the day after that.

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