Preparing and Celebrating

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! In truth I have no idea why we celebrate “St. Patty’s Day” but my general understanding is that whatever the true history is, America has made it quite the party which was not the original intention.

This morning I saw a lot of facebook updates about the Lucky 7k somewhere in the Twin Cities, and I must say I was very jealous that I didn’t have a run planned. However I did have plans to get new running shoes! Which lead me to the Duluth Running Company to get new shoes! Plus I had a few other things in mind..

I figured as long as I was there, I may as well stock up on supplies I have considered purchasing. In addition to the new shoes I also got “The Stick” to hopefully help me massage after runs. And also compression socks. I mainly got those due to the long drives I have for work. I was considering purchasing a few different types of fuel, such as Gu, or Sports Beans, etc. However I’ve done absolutely zero research, and there were too many different kinds!

While I was out and about I also picked up some Irish goodies to get in the mood.

The bread is from Great Harvest Duluth and is Gouda Stout! The cheese is an Irish cheddar that I picked up at Cub Foods earlier in the week, although I also saw it stocked at Whole Foods Coop. I’m planning on bringing it to a birthday celebration this afternoon.

This week I also celebrated birthday! (not mine, but I didn’t get permission to show the birthday boy’s picture)

It was a Mexican themed affair.

I apologize for the poor picture quality, but the flip flop was used to open the beer, and we just couldn’t wait!!

Yes, you read that correctly, the flip flop opens the beer with the bottle opener on the bottom. This could be a great gift for the beer drinker in your life! You can find them here.

And with that, I’m off to my next birthday celebration!

One thought on “Preparing and Celebrating

  1. I’m a big fan of the sport beans and can’t stand the gels/gu. You just have to try them all and see what you like best. They all do basically the same thing.

    I’m trying the Honey Stinger brand stuff next long run … looks a little more natural and less processed. I’m still a fan of good ole pretzel sticks and orange juice 🙂

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