Practicing for Training

That’s right. I’ve got my half marathon training plan all written out. And I plan on using biking as my cross-training. Last week I brought my bike up to my place from my parents’ house. And I also went to Target to stock up on bike essentials, aka, everything in the biking area that I didn’t already own. I attempted to go to a local bike shop Continental Ski and Bike, however I felt pretty intimidated when I was walking around the store so I stuck with what was familiar.

The lights I have yet to install. I wanted to start my bike ride at 6:30 pm and didn’t want to mess with putting them on the bike. Plus, they required batteries which I didn’t realize I needed until tonight. I also bought a bike lock, I dream of biking places and getting breakfast. We’ll see if that happens this summer. And finally easy lube. I have no idea if I need this, and just might return it.

My bike is a Schwinn, and thats pretty much where my knowledge ends, I’m pretty sure its a mountain bike, I know its not a road bike. And I can remember when my mom bought it for me, I think I was about 13? Plus or Minus 2 years when we bought it. And I remember her saying that it was the last bike she would ever buy for me. Although…..depending on how into biking I get, there may be a road bike in my future. But I’ll worry about that next spring/summer.

I also purchased a helmet when I was at Target. I didn’t even bother looking for my helmet at home and decided to purchase a new one. I’m glad I did! My new helmet actually has red flashing lights on the back which make me feel alot safer. (I’ll post pictures when I have someone else helping me with photography)

I live off of a main road where people tend to drive super fast. Thankfully there is a wide sidewalk and even wider shoulders on the road, so I feel comfortable even with my limited experience. I decided to do my first ride to the baseball fields and back, which is a 6 mile round trip jaunt. I definitely felt the difference biking versus my usual walk/run! My quads were killing when I was on the hills. Whereas when I run the hills they don’t seem like hills when I am on them, they just seem intense when I look at them. In general, the ride went well.

Now I just need to figure out if my Garmin 405 CX can be worn while I ride, or if I need to buy the attachment for biking, and how all of that works.

I guess I better keep practicing! Half Marathon training starts next week!