Karma at a Restaurant

This fall I had a couple of really bad work days in a short amount of time. The peak of those bad times included lunch at a restaurant where I got quite the reality check. The restaurant was one I had never been to prior to the reality check lunch meeting. And after that lunch I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to go back. Except for the sandwich I had was really good.

A few weeks later I got a craving for the sandwich and decided to go on my lunch break, by myself, and the location and I had quite the cleansing.

Today I went to that restaurant again and had a great conversation that was really enlightening.

Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. Although, there is almost always a reason for doing them. That reality check has allowed me buckle down and trust the process. Whatever will be, will be.

While its good to look forward and make plans for the future. You shouldn’t be so busy making plans that you forget to act in the present. That restaurant and I have come full circle. And I hope I don’t have to have such a major reality check like that again.

But if I’ve earned it, I’ll deal with it.