30 by 30 The List

The work never ends, but college does…”
-TOM PETTY (source)

Admittedly, there may be better sources to find where Tom Petty exactly said it. But I feel there are a lot of people who struggle with the idea of what to do when college ends. All of a sudden we have no money, debt, and want to be adults, but more than likely feel that the cheapest option is Mom and Dad’s house. While we try to find our footing it is very easy to lose track of the idea that there is a Life After College which is what I wanted to call this blog, until a google search told me I wasn’t as unique as I thought I was. Therefore I realized how important it was to keep looking to the future. Stuff happens. And if you’re not careful life will pass you by. Even when you get that first job out of college, the days go fast. The nights end up being short, and weekends seem nonexistent. With that in mind, if I’m not careful, my 20s will pass me by. So here’s hoping I can accomplish 30 things by the age of 30!

(Notice the Italics? This means I reviewed in 2017 after turning 29…and decided to give you some updates on my progress (or lack thereof). 

1. Start a blog. (I always have to start a list with something I’ve already done!)

2. Drive a motorcycle. (I’ve ridden plenty and enjoy it, but I’m okaying ditching this one).

3. Have a garden. (I had a pot of mint once, does this count?)

4. Attend a high school reunion. (10 years! Check!)

5. Go to a wine tasting.   (11-17-12)

6. Sing karaoke alone. (Still MIGHT happen, but right place, right time).

7. Reconnect with an old friend. (I could write a blog post about this, but haven’t yet). ((I have no idea what friend I was talking about here, but I have reconnected with a few old friends over the years.))

8. Make a timecapsule. (Cute idea. Didn’t happen yet, and probably won’t.)

9. Read and Watch Gone with the Wind. (completed: 4-23-13) ((I am not a fan of Scarlett O’Hara, but love me some Rhett Butler!))

10. Go skydiving. (Meh, we had friends from work go once and I passed, maybe another time, not in the next few months.)

11. Start a fire without matches. (HAHAHAH, not happening, God gave us lighter fluid for a reason.)

12. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry. (I don’t know what constitutes “nice” but lets assume this is done). 

13. Run a marathon. (Ran Grandma’s Marathon 2013: Recap here)

14. Stay out of debt. (Pretty good, although my savings could always be better). 

15. Try a Triathlon. (Tri for a Cause 2014, recap)

16. Make a blog friend and meet IRL (in real life). (Completed at Healthy Living Summit 2013)

17. Bake a cake from scratch. (This could happen, we shall see)

18. Visit another country without a parent. (Ticket is booked for July 2015!) ((I went to Chile and Bolivia with my aunt and cousin)). 

19. Get my conceal and carry license and/or learn to shoot a handgun. (I actually still want to do this). 

20. Go out to dinner alone, without a book/cellphone/other distraction device. (I think I’ve done this, but no blog post about it).

21. Go to a blogging conference. (9-22-12)

22. Spend a weekend in Boston. (Could happen, knowing me and my dislike in spending money without a real purpose…probably won’t happen.)

23. Go on a cruise. (Nope, definitely not doing that right now). 

24. Run a Disney race. (2-22-15)

25. Make all the recipes in a cookbook. (Nope, this is not going to become a Julie and Julia knockoff). 

26. Attend a college reunion. (oops….the year I was supposed to go I had a schedule conflict). 

27. Have a job I am truly proud of. (Eh, I loved working for my parents, but I think I’m still searching for the job I absolutely love). 

28. Buy a house. (Nope, definitely not happening, not ready….unless major major life changes come this winter, but highly doubt it). 

29. Get married. (HAHAHAHA I’m hilarious.)

30. Run 30 Races. (See my Race Page)

I have 6 years and 6 days to accomplish these 30 things. Here’s hoping I can do it!

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