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Yesterday morning was a glorious Saturday and I did not have to hear the beep of an alarm. But at 6:10 am my body was not going back to sleep. So after a leisurely breakfast, and collecting the items necessary for my run, I drove to the Duluth Rose Garden to start my 10 mile run. Give that last weeks 9 mile run took just under 2 hours, I decided to set a goal with some cushion, and hoped to finished in 2 and a half hours. I have enough stress in my life that I didn’t need to have my long run also stressing me out.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of running with a friend who told me that she is currently trying to add endurance to her runs by taking less walking breaks. That day we made it to the 2 mile mark before taking a break. Today I was able to wait until the 5k mark!

With that being said, here’s a little breakdown of my last 3 long runs.

10 Mile 9 Mile 8 Mile
Split  Time  Time  Time
1 0:11:27 0:12:31 0:12:48
2 0:11:26 0:12:18 0:11:33
3 0:11:18 0:11:54 0:12:27
4 0:12:36 0:12:38 0:12:37
5 0:12:54 0:11:53 0:13:11
6 0:11:29 0:13:01 0:12:55
7 0:12:12 0:10:18 0:12:40
8 0:11:12 0:12:51 0:16:04
9 0:10:22 0:11:00
10 0:11:41
sum 1:56:37 1:48:24 1:44:15
avg 0:11:40 0:12:03 0:13:02

See that beautiful improvement!! I am very happy to see that I don’t have a 13 minute mile during the 10 mile run. However I would like to work towards some negative splits (which if you aren’t a runner is where as your mileage increases the time per mile decreases).

Now I need to buckle down and keep up with my workouts during the upcoming work week. This particular work week includes some traveling, so I hope I can practice healthy traveling share a few tips next week!
Do you have any particular healthy practices while traveling?

3 thoughts on “Showing Improvement

  1. You are showing improvement. Consistency is key. Do you include any short, hard runs into your routine? I found that a hard 5K or even hills or stairs builds up aerobic capacity faster for me and translates into faster times. So you have a mix of short, fast runs for building up VO2 Max and long runs for increasing endurance.

    But of course, you don’t want to make things so complicated that it stresses you out. Like I said, consistency is key. If something discourages you from actually doing anything, it’s a bad idea. heh.

    Glad to see the improvement. Will keep watching you.

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