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I have a confession. I love to read. Always have, always will. But as I’m traveling for work and able to soak up the free cable television (I recently cancelled mine for netflix). I am starting to realize just how prevalent books to tv, books to movie, or even movie to book are these days.

I was able to see a commercial for Game of Thrones today, but the setting doesn’t entice me to watch the show or read the book. (If anyone is a fan, feel free to convince me otherwise.)

When I was in middle school I found the first “Shopaholic” book by Sofie Kinsella and laughed out loud while reading it. I continued to follow the series and did watch the movie when it came out. But was very underwhelmed.

Now as the 50 Shades trilogy seems to be sweeping the nation, I’m holding back. The “juicy allure” is not drawing me in. It took me watching the first twilight movie and not understanding the phenomena, reading the first book and not understanding, and reading the preview of book 2 before I cared about Bella/Edward/Jacob. So I am not feeling any rush. But as I read blog post after blog post of people cracking it open, I feel my resolve cracking. We’ll see what happens.

Now some of you may not know what movie became a book, and I thought I should fill you in… “The Last Song” starring Miley Cyrus was first written as a screenplay by Nicholas Sparks before he wrote the book. But I must say his books are almost always better than the movie. With one magnificent exception, The Notebook!

However, if all these books becoming franchises that people are talking about, watching, and reading, does that mean we are becoming any smarter? Or are we just going with what’s popular?

Either way, I need some book recommendations. Do you have any to share?

2 thoughts on “Nerd Alert

  1. If you like reading books that are movies and that, you should read The Hunger Games and Wicked! They are both great, particularly Wicked! 🙂

    • I liked the Hunger Games books, and the Wicked Musical was awesome, but the reading was a little dark for me. With long work days I need light reading that I can get into for 15 or 20 minutes and then go to sleep.

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