Remember to Pack!

I’m on a work adventure this week! There’s nothing I like more than a good schedule, and all I was told was arrive by this time and look for the driver holding a sign, he’ll take you to the hotel. I didn’t even know what hotel I was staying at prior to finding that driver! Therefore, the pre-work that you could do, like looking up healthy restaurants or running trails nearby wasn’t going to happen.

I was fairly confident that the hotel would have a decent gym (it does). But I had no idea what I would be doing during the work day. I got to the hotel at 1 pm, and dinner isn’t until 6. So I had some time to do exploring.

I won’t know until the end of the trip, but I’m fairly certain I packed too many work clothes and not enough casual clothes. I’m hoping other girls bought sun dresses, otherwise I’ll be wearing the one pair of jeans I packed a little more than I’d like.

I do know that I made a fairly large error while packing. The sports bras never made it into the suitcase!!! Because of my work schedule, and my desire to have a relaxing day yesterday, I packed a week in advance. I did a final check, and confirmed my work out clothes, but missed the all important, work out under garment. I asked at the front desk, and there are no clothing stores nearby that would carry a sports bra. I did go out for a jog with a regular bra on (just 1 mile, but it felt good) and happened to find a local gym. I stopped in there, and they sell a few t-shirts, but no luck on the sports bra, and they also didn’t know of a place in the downtown area that could help me out.

I stopped in to the gym and did a 20 minute session on the elliptical that workout up a sweat but wasn’t overly bouncy. And now I guess I have a reason to do some strength training!

Have you ever forgotten one piece of clothing while packing that alters your plans?

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