Holiday Challenge

Since this post (First Snow, First Sweat) I have been going to Lakes Fit Yoga about 5 times a week! It all started with that 1 Month Unlimited, which ended at the same time the 6 Week Holiday Challenge was starting. The Holiday Challenge has you striving for 5 classes a week for 6 weeks, and so far I’m on track!! (I was able to take a week off over Thanksgiving which was very helpful, and means that the Challenge is 7 weeks total).

Here’s the bad news: I haven’t lost a single pound. I wish I would, but it just hasn’t happened yet. I think I’m eating the same as when I was inactive, but apparently the numbers aren’t in my favor to see the scale move. However instead of saying “I’m a failure” or “may as well quit because I won’t lose weight anyways” I keep going. I am seeing success in my practice. My lunges are getting lower, my flow is much stronger, and I’m actually able to do a few side planks without a knee on the ground. (I may have had my butt in the air during mountain climbers, but the fact that I felt good enough to attempt mountain climbers means I’m getting better, right??)

Its a little over 6 months until the Grandma’s Marathon, and I have had more than a few conversations where I question if I can do this. I’ve gone on a 3 mile run, and it was tough, but I finished with a smile on my face, and know I’ve just got to get back in the habit.

I need to join our local gym again (Snap Fitness) so I can get a good treadmill workout in when its extra cold, and I also need to clean up my eating a little, my biggest struggle is eating the right things in the afternoon to power through my workouts, but not have adverse reactions during the workouts (if you know what I mean) and not spoil my dinner. I also need to figure out good dinners when I take a late yoga class, its 9 pm when I get home and I’m really hungry.

I welcome any and all suggestions on what to do! I’m also curious if other people are challenging themselves during the holidays, or if you wait and get serious in January.