Tis the Season, When’s the Running Season?

Let it snow! If you have a wordpress blog and would like to add snow, here’s a link showing you how! (look closely near my header if you don’t see it).

I’m not exactly thrilled with the fall theme I’ve got going on my header, but until we get a good amount of snow (read: January) I’m stuck with this.

We all know there are specific seasons for different things, this is the “holiday” season (or just call it Christmas aka Reason for the Season). But not all seasons are the same for all parts of our country/the world. For example, when is “Running Season” does it start in January with New Years Resolutions? Or is it April when its more comfortable to start an outside running program in Minnesota? What about those Florida people who have humidity issues, does their season start in October?

I sometimes read in blogs that they had a successful season of running, or that they are planning their running season, and I never quite understand how they are choosing that…

So, this year I am thinking (key word) of running a race every month. Especially considering I tend to fall off the wagon after whatever event I’m working towards. Examples: 2011 I ran 5 – 5ks, plus an extra one, plus a 5 miler, and a Quarter Marathon (Run To The Dump (only in Aitkin)).

In 2012 I wasn’t much better. I started training in March for Garry Bjorklund half marathon in June, ran the Run to the Dump in August, and now am signed up for a December 22 5k (Jumpin’ Jack 5k). However July – November really had zero training or ambitions. And my body isn’t happy about it.

So. I’ve already got a few things on deck for 2013.

April 26: Brainerd Lakes Half Marathon

June 22: Grandma’s Marathon

August: Run to the Dump (no idea when it is….but hope it isn’t the day after a wedding I’m attending.)

Here’s what I’m thinking about…

February: Medtronic Valentines Day 5k (not actually on Valentines)

May: Aitkin’s Fit City 5k, I registered for it in 2011, but didn’t actually run it.

October: Twin Cities 10 miler

November: Turkey Trot (this has been a goal for the 2011 and 2012 but never seems to work).

What do you consider the “Running Season” are there any races you have planned that I should consider?

(p.s. No Pictures on this post, thanks for reading anyways!)

One thought on “Tis the Season, When’s the Running Season?

  1. Yup! In Florida, our season starts in October. Which is why I completely blew it by signing up for a marathon on November 3, effectively training through the 3 hottest months of our year. Suck!

    My dad ran Grandma’s – I remember it fondly. Can’t wait to follow your training!!!!

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