Vacation or Work?

Are you on vacation still? Or are you working?

I realized while driving in to work this morning that if I was still in my old job….I would be on vacation still. I probably would have been up in Duluth doing nothing, just going out, sleeping in and not having any responsibilities. But things end. And I’m happy about where I am now.

I was able to take a coffee break today with a few high school girlfriends and make plans for the coming year! Sadly we are at the point in our lives where we made plans for May because if it doesn’t get on the calendar…it won’t happen.

Its time for me to recap my 2012 New Years Resolutions, and I plan to have them post throughout this week. Its also time for me to think about 2013, I’ve got a few things in mind, but nothing set in stone. Other than running, I want to make an effort to have some kind of event each month. It seems simple and obvious that I would get together with friends once a month..but at the same time I am not quite sure what I did with the past 4 months I’ve been home.

The next time I entertain I do want to make….A Grown-Up Cherry Cola, click over here for the recipe. It features ice cubes made out of coke, which is a great way to jazz up a normal “rum and coke”.

Are you still on vacation, or are you back to work?

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