Third Time is The Charm

Have you ever tried something and thought “ was fine, but not for me.” Or, are you trying to stick to Resolutions, and struggling on day 11? (no shame if so!)

While at Zumba last night I had a little revelation. I was enjoying myself! I had been going since the middle of December and tonight was the first night that I wasn’t counting down the songs until we were done. It was the social interaction that really got me in the door the first time. I knew people who were going, but in my daily routine I don’t see them. After that first workout I didn’t know if I would be back (even with the very affordable $2 price tag I wasn’t sold).

My second Zumba class was in between Christmas and New Years, I thought there was no way other people would be there. But there were. And it was good to check in with everyone, dance for an hour, and ask people what their plans were for New Years.

I’ve kept going, each Thursday at 7 I make sure I’ve eaten a quick dinner and then head to Zumba for a hour. There’s no reason not to, and actually even if the people I’m friends weren’t there, I’d still go.

But the biggest thing is, I didn’t like it at first. I thought it was silly and not a workout and not useful. But its good to move, and work your body in a way that is unfamiliar, and its even better to get out of the house and say “Hello” to people.

So if you’re struggling with resolution, just tell yourself “its okay, it will get better.” And after at least 3 times if you still hate what you’re doing, then alter the resolution. There’s no need to burn out, find what works best for you. Maybe you don’t want to shake it in public? Fine, get a dvd, most are around $10. Or go to and type in the workout you are looking for!

But after those three tries at least it will be part of your routine and then maybe you can have that “Aha moment” where you reap some of the rewards and aren’t feeling like you “have” to do something.

Stop thinking about what you CAN’T have, and focus on what you CAN have. You’ll be happier and maybe even healthier!

For locals who want to try Zumba: Thursday 7pm, Westside Church, $2. All you need is sneakers!