One Month til Marathon Training!

For the past 18 days I’ve been thinking “Get a good workout in, because February 1 marathon training starts!” And then the other night I looked at my calendar where I had already written down my training schedule, turns out I don’t start until February 17!

I have never been more excited for an extra 17 days! Right now I’m working on my base. I’m trying to go to yoga 2x, 1 outdoor run in, 1 hard lifting session, and 1 treadmill session. This week my workouts looked like this.

Monday: Yoga 75 minute flow

Tuesday: Lifting (Leg program in Cosmo magazine), plus some extra squats, and 1 hour on the treadmill.

Wednesday: 2.5 Mile Run in 31 minutes outside, plus Yoga 75 minute class

Thursday: Lifting (total body workout from Self magazine), plus random arms and extra squats.

Friday (today) I usually don’t workout on Fridays, but I know I won’t get exercise in on Saturday, and Sunday is very slim, I’m going to try and go tonight still at least for some cardio.

I’m nervous to start my long runs, my first week of training calls for a 6 mile long run, and I’m not quite sure where I am going to do them yet, or what time to do them. I really want to go to THE GYM on Saturdays, but thats when I usually like to do long runs….So we’ll see.

Until then I’m just going to keep enjoying my workouts, doing what I want, when I want, and knowing that the harder I work now, the easier training will be. Right? (I’ve never ran a marathon, so if you disagree please share you experience)!

4 thoughts on “One Month til Marathon Training!

  1. If you have been doing that much training for your “base”, for a month or two, you should have a fantastic base to start your marathon training. Good luck 2/17!!

  2. Long runs are so nerve-wracking! But the feeling you get when you finish is pretty awesome. I personally seem to be physically incapable of doing a long run on the treadmill (too boring!), but I know some people really like it (if you’ve got a fancy gym maybe they’ve got some entertaining t.v. going?). Good luck!

    • I’ve got a fairly fancy gym, but my legs just really oppose the treadmill, I can do about 20 minute sessions and then it feels like I’m going to get shin splints, so I hop off do some lifting and then can usually do one more 20 minute session.

      Thank you for the luck!!

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