February 2013 Recap

Another month has come and gone. To be honest, on Friday I didn’t even realize that it was already March! (and as I was just looking through my posts from February I realized my January recap was titled “January 2012 Recap” shame on all of you for not correcting me!

Anyways, I had quite a few posts in February even though it was the shortest month of the year. What I never did blog about was the Zumbathon I particpated in!

I support Women’s Heart Health by attending a 2 hour Zumbathon in a nearby town, with a few friends. We also were supported by a local establishment with a special “Zumbatini”  after our 2 hours of Zumba. I was also able to go out with a few of the same girls that evening to a local winter celebration and do our Zumba moves on the dance floor! It was a random, but wonderful night, that I hope can be recreated in some way soon!

There was an entire week in February where my parents weren’t home and I was able to experience living on my own again. After a shopping spree at Whole Foods I made my own Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese based off Iowa Girl Eats. You can find her post here.

I have officially started training for Grandma’s Marathon 2013, and am going through a different fear every day. WIll I finish? Will i get injured before I start? How will I survive the month of May when training is really intense? But for now the mileage is managable, and I’ve even got an extra class up my sleeve for half of march and most of April. I’ll share more once I can. But for now I’m just excited that its March, and the majority of winter if over and Spring is close!!!

How did you feel about February? Do you have any exciting plans for spring?


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  1. Just try to remain thinking positive, instead of imagining all the things that may make you fearful, concerning the marathon training. And just take one day at time.

    Best of luck to you.

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