10 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

I’m a little late with this post….But the truth is… there’s been really no training.

I emailed the Run For the Lakes and tried to defer my half marathon until next year, and in return would volunteer where ever they needed help this year…unfortunately it didn’t fly.

I went on a 4 mile walk while in Florida over the weekend and had some soreness in my hip…but no knee pain. So my plan is to join the 2:30 half marathon pace group and see what I can do. Once I have pain I’ll start walking. I want to at least walk to the 6 mile mark if I can, but I’ll let my pain be the judge.

The weather is supposed to be 60 degrees or so, which would be amazing! So if nothing else hopefully I can wear a tank top and work on my tan!

If you want to join me…online registration closes at Midnight! You’ve got 5 hours! (and a little extra). Otherwise you can register the day before at the expo!

12 thoughts on “10 Weeks Until Grandma’s Marathon

  1. I’d totally join you if I were near! I love that you’re going to try it anyway – that weather does seem perfect. Hope you feel better soon πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Andi! I contacted the Race Director a second time and they agreed to move me down to the 10k instead of the Half! I’m hoping this means I’ll have a safer and stronger race.

    • Thank you so much! I understand the business reasons to not defer, but I’m very thankful that after I contacted them again they’re allowing me to switch to the 10k!

  2. Glad your knee is feeling better, I totally feel your pain (bad pun there haha) with getting injured before a race πŸ™ πŸ™ I am glad you are still determined and have goals for your half marathon! You got it!

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