Here Comes the Fun! (Summer and #HLS13)

After the world’s longest winter, things are finally looking up! The temperature hit 80 yesterday (which was actually a bit warm for my liking, but it inspired my family to plan some summer fun…)

We got paddle boards at Costco!! My aunt brought her’s to our house when she visited from Portland last summer, and once I heard Costco had them I started thinking about getting one. I finally decided to bite the bullet, and once I decided to buy one, my parents decided they’d get one also. We went with the cheaper version at Costco for $400 a piece, although they also had an $800 version.

As a 20-something each summer also brings wedding season. This weekend I have a wedding shower and a wedding shower/bachelorette party so my Saturday is booked, and Sunday I am attending a baby shower. I’ve also made plans to meet a friend for a Saturday morning run, and Sunday afternoon I have another event with a different friend.

I am so glad I’ve got a variety of friends to do different activities with, some friends are closer than others, and I might share different parts of my life with different people, but I am so thankful that I can reach out to different people and do different things.

I’m also thankful that I have something to look forward to once the summer is over. Healthy Living Summit 2013 is September 13-15 and is going to be great! I sent over an email saying that I would be willing to  host a fit-mingle for Yoga Sculpt, but as a first time attendee I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to go! I haven’t booked a hotel room yet, I’m not sure if I’ll want to share or if I’ll want my own space, or if I’ll stay at my grand parent’s house Thursday night or Friday night.

10 thoughts on “Here Comes the Fun! (Summer and #HLS13)

      • I actually live pretty close, so luckily I don’t think I need to get a hotel room 🙂 you should keep an eye on Groupon or Living Social. You could maybe get a cheaper hotel room at a different, nearby hotel?

  1. Yeah, I LOVE paddle boarding! My husband and I bought boards last summer and can’t wait to get on them again this year! Healthy Living Summit sounds great, wish I could go but with all my race plans this fall I don’t think it’ll be in my budget : (

    • Races are fun, so I’m sure its worth it! I’m prioritizing going since its close to me! If I had to fly, I’m not sure if I would have been able to squeeze it in.

  2. I absolutely love paddle boards! Drew and I spent our anniversary last year paddle boarding on lake calhoun.. so good!

    • There’s one lake in Crosby where you can rent, but once I thought about all the hassle it would be, I decided I’d get more use if I just bought my own, if only the conveniences of Calhoun were closer!

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