CPYTri, Du, Whew!

Happy Sunday my friends! I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful FALL weather!

Friday night I drove down to St. Paul and stayed with my friend Alex so we could wake up early Saturday morning for the CPYTri. In case you don’t know, this was an event offered by the CorePower Yoga studio in Edina (aka my favorite CPY studio).

CPYTri Edina Corepower Yoga

We started our day with a 7:30 am Sculpt class, then went for a 5k run, and finished it up with an amazing outdoor C1 class! After the class we went to Panera and re-fuled, I went with the Steak and Cheddar Baguette Panini and the Autumn Squash Soup!

I choose bread as my side (their apples are gross and I didn’t want chips) So I considered it carb loading for the Iron Girl Duathlon! After our lunch, we proceeded to shop! My wardrobe seems to be full of summer and winter clothes but was seriously lacking with Fall clothes. I’ll be talking a little more about what I picked up on Tuesday to link up with Becky’s Treat Yourself Tuesday!

After shopping, I stopped at packet pickup and made my way over to my grandparent’s house. I was in bed early and slept awful, but survived the race and am now relaxing on their couch and blogging before driving back up north. I’ll do a race recap on Wednesday!

How was your weekend? Do you have any plans for the week?


19 thoughts on “CPYTri, Du, Whew!

  1. Impressive! I’m pleased with myself if I manage one exercise class a weekend, so I tip my hat to you! Love squash soup – cozy food is one of my favourite things about autumn.

    • Cozy food is definitely up there on the reasons why Autumn is my favorite season! Some weeks I barely get exercise, I thought it was nuts that I planned it all, but I couldn’t justify which one to skip!

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