Half Catholic Confessional

This may or may not become a regular thing…but here are a few confessions to start the week off right.

caribo ho ho mochaGrab a cup of coffee and join me!

#1. I’m Half Catholic. My dad is Catholic, my mom raised us Lutheran. I refer to myself as half catholic, I can’t take communion in their church, but I won’t denounce them entirely.

#2. My credit card was declined at Target last night. I freaked out, knowing I had paid the bill, only to get to work today and have a voicemail from the credit card company, I called them and apparently since I had never been to that Target before it was suspicious and they locked it down. Good thing I didn’t need to buy gas afterwards!

#3. I stopped at Leeann Chin on the way home from the cities. I was very pleased with my fortune.

fortune cookie loveDo you have anything from the weekend that you would like to confess?

10 thoughts on “Half Catholic Confessional

  1. Cute idea! I went to a holiday party on Saturday night and we “invented” a fun holiday drink — Coke Zero and peppermint schnapps. Or Candy Cane Cokes!

    • Yum!! I saw a recipe last winter for amaretto cherry coke. You freeze coke with a cherry in the center of ice trays and then pour amaretto over. I never actually made it…but really want to soon! Also, we used to squirt hersheys syrup in our mouths with a shot of peppermint schnapps. But those were the college days…

    • no no, I’ve been to plenty a target, just not that target. Silly rules. I’ve decided I should probably start stopping at every target I see just to prevent this from happening again.

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