Progressive Dinner Fun!

How was everyone’s week!? I worked yesterday and today, and I must say, I want to go back to the fun I had last weekend. My friends and I had our 2nd Annual Progressive Dinner.

Progressive Dinner

We started at one house for appetizers. There were three different dips, veggies, chips, bread, and cheese and crackers, it was a great delicious start to the night! There was also some bubbly.

From there we moved on to dinner. This year the hosts had stuffed shells (which were awesome) or spaghetti with caesar salad and garlic bread on the side. For some reason we always take pictures at this couple’s house. Here’s a picture of the women.

Progressive Dinner Screen Shot Instagram

screenshot of the instagram, because I’m a really photography concerned blogger (sarcasm font).

Dessert was homemade Ice Cream and brownies, which was so so good. In case you’re wondering, we don’t set any rules for the progressive dinner. Everyone does what they want, which works best for our group. We’re all busy with different things, some are married, some are in school, some are single. The fact that we can find one night and all get together is pretty much a miracle.

Three Friends

Finally, I hosted drinks at my parent’s house. I knew I had found the recipe for this drink a while ago, and posted about it last year here. But once I clicked over I realized it is the brain child of Savvy Julie! And now that I’ve taken the time to re-read the link I realized I only served with Amaretto, but not the spiced rum, Opps! I guess we’ll have to do it all again, we should all be free in about another year!

10 thoughts on “Progressive Dinner Fun!

  1. So fun! I’ve always wanted to do a progressive dinner, but none of my friends live that close to have one. PS love your hair! Wish I could find my way around a curling iron. Maybe that should be added to my goals for this year…

    • I’ve only been able to curl my hair for a couple years. And me trick is that I divide my hair into small pig tails, so I take one pigtail out, curl it, then move onto the next. At HLS 14 I will show you! 😉

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