MNBChallenge: Move Week

For those of you following me on Instagram…I apologize. I’m not very active on instagram, but the Move Nourish Believe Challenge is changing all of that.

What is the Move Nourish Believe Challenge? Well, its a facebook event sponsored by Lorna Jane and FitApproach. You can join their facebook event here.

Week 1 focused on different ways we move our body. To be honest, the photos this week were pretty easy for me. I’m working out quite a bit right now so it really wasn’t a problem to snap some photos.

Move Nourish Believe Week 1 Next week we are focusing on “Nourish” and this is where its going to get tricky. This is not a diet plan, just 5 different challenges to accomplish each day.

Monday: Meatless. Not too difficult for me actually.

Tuesday: Take Your Lunch to Work! I already do this most days, but they suggest using their website, and they’re recipes call for ingredients my small town grocery store does not have.

Wednesday: Write it down! Something I’m actually trying to do more of this year.

Thursday: Smoothie Day. I just need to remember to bring my shaker cup so I can drink after my pool workout!

Friday: Go Raw. Kind of an issue, I’ll be in a hotel from Thursday night – Sunday morning. But I do have a plan!

I hope you’ll join me for week 2!


4 thoughts on “MNBChallenge: Move Week

  1. i love seeing all of these week 1 recaps ; im not a huge fan of challenges ; but this one has been good for me.
    good luck with week 2!

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