Mazatlan Workouts

Hello Friends! I hope you liked my scheduled posts while I was gone! Our 3 full days of vacation (and 2 travel days) were exactly what I needed. Today I’m sharing my workouts from the trip, Friday I’ll share the food!

Torres Mazatlan Pool Sunset

Torres Mazatlan is a time share resort my parents have had since before I was born. I took my first trip there in 2nd grade and some of the same people are still working there! When you arrive they say “welcome home” which is really how it feels. (not sponsored I just really love the place, and all photos are my own)

Anyways, back to the workouts.

Wednesday: Flight to Mazatlan, margarita happy hour, walk 3 miles on the beach.

Thursday: Wake up, run 4 miles, swim 500-ish yards.

Friday: Wake up, run 4 miles (slower this time), and water aerobics, where I then got sunburnt on my back, and humbled my how sore my shoulders were during the arm portion of the workout.

Torres Mazatlan Beach

Saturday: Sleep in, walk 3 miles on the beach, with a sprint in the middle.

Mazatlan Shadow Selfie

Sunday: Walk 2 miles, taking pictures, then fly home.

Total: 16 walking/running miles, 500 yard swim, 1 hour water aerobics. (don’t forget, I’m still working on Ironman March!)

While I was sad to leave, I was thrilled with my workouts! I’m not a salt water fan, so I didn’t convince myself to swim in the ocean. But there is always next time!

What is your workout plan while on vacation? Do you skip it, or switch it up?

11 thoughts on “Mazatlan Workouts

  1. Nice job getting some quality workouts in while on vacation! I typically just run or walk because it’s the easiest to do while I’m traveling, but I’ve also done some hotel room workouts and swim when I’m able to!

  2. how happy that you and your family have a vacation home to return to time and time again 🙂 i wish i could have joined you for some warm-weather runs!

  3. You’re taking me next time, right?! I usually either walk/run for most of my workouts traveling unless I am staying at a hotel with a nice gym. Then I’ll incorporate some weights and cardio.

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