Peace Perspective XI: Somebody

Some weeks I struggle with what perspective to choose. But shortly after reading the post that goes along with this pin, I knew it had to be today’s selection.

I AM SOMEBODY PinterestToday’s Peace Perspective is from Amy at Long Drive Journey. She and I have read each others blogs for a while now, what I love about her blog is there are some things we have in common; 20 somethings who love good lyrics and french fries. Yet there is so much that is different, she currently resides in Connecticut and went to elementary school in Louisiana, and I’ve never set foot in either state. That is the beauty of blogs, we would have never met, but somehow the internet showed one of us to the other (I have no idea who found who).

Anyways, in her post the phrase “I must be respected, protected, and never rejected.” really stuck with me. Do I respect, protect and never reject every single person that I come across? I’m not sure. But either way, it is so important for each of us to remember I AM SOMEBODY, and so is every other person we come across.

So click over. Read Amy’s story. She is somebody, and so are you.

As an FYI….Some of my pins have been found while cruising Pinterest. You can follow my board of inspiration “Peace: 2014” here. Others are found while I read blogs, or other social media. The selections I actually choose are slowly updated and found under “Pinned it, Did it” here.

6 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XI: Somebody

  1. Love it! Reminds me of a quote I got from the book “The Gifts of Imperfection” which was ” I am Enough.” I posted it on my bathroom mirror as a reminder to accept myself for who I am and to be grateful for what I have.

  2. I love this, Katie! What a great way to look at things. It really is a perspective change to realize that everyone should get that respect. I think most of the time I am outwardly respectful of people, but sometimes I struggle with being hurt and responding to that. I think that while you should never be a doormat, giving people the benefit of the doubt is really important. Thank you for sharing my post. I, too, am really glad we found each other’s blogs!!

    • The doormat part is what I struggle with, and people being bratty and saying “you have to respect me” when they aren’t being respectful towards others. Its a two way street, and we don’t want a traffic jam 😉

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