Peace Perspective XIV: Honest

This week’s Peace Perspective is one I actually disagree with.

Peace Perspective HonestThe pin also reminds me of Divergent. I read the series while I was on vacation, and loved them! I’m tired of loving trilogies, especially when I know I’ll be sucked into the movies, and I start to feel like one of the masses, but I just can’t resist.

If I were a member of the Candor faction, I would be all about this quote. However, I think there is a time and a place for honesty. My thoughts and feelings are emotional. I might be honest about what I am feeling, but the emotion surrounding those feelings taint the thoughts from being truly honest. Sometimes I “hate” people, but I’m not going to walk up to them and say “I hate you”. Instead, I will look at what is bothering, do I “hate” them because I’m jealous? Because they are able to do something I can’t? That’s more about me than it is about them.

I took a Buzzfeed quiz and discovered….

Amity Divergent Faction BuzzfeedWhich I could totally be behind, except for the voting on everything, lies, and peace serum…. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but hope to soon!

What are your feelings on honesty? Did you read/watch Divergent? What Faction would you be in?


6 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XIV: Honest

  1. I liked the movie, didn’t love it! I also took the quiz and got Amity but secretly wished I would’ve gotten Dauntless 😉

  2. Well, got Candor. I think I’m not surprised by that. I know I’m too risk averse to get Dauntless and not nice enough for Amity.

    It was fun to do the quiz. I haven’t seen the movie but would like to see it. I did read the entire trilogy and really liked it right up until…well…I won’t say…

    • Ooo, I want to know what you didn’t like! I was not a fan of the ending, but a friend and I were just discussing how they changed the ending in the movie of “my sister’s keeper” so there is a chance we’ll get lucky with a better ending in the movie! I’m seriously surprised I got Amity, I’m known more for saying what I think, not being peaceful. However, I am very big on forgiveness, mainly because I need others to forgive me. So that must have been what tipped the quiz.

    • I’m not saying everyone should be fake, but I do think that what you “honestly” feel changes. There’s someone who’s made an appearance in my journals over the years, and depending on what page you read the person goes from “awesome”, to “awful”, and back around to “alright”. Thankfully I never told the person when I thought they were awful, and I really didn’t want to see them again at the time.

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