Yogatta Try This! Part 4 of 6, Try, Try Again, and Again.

Now that you’ve survived your first yoga class. You definitely have an opinion about yoga. You might think its easy, or boring, or super hard, or totally overwhelming. But my answer for you is, try it two more times.

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 Until you try a class three times, you can’t say you don’t like it. (I hold this opinion for all workout classes)*

The studio, teacher, class, temperature, music, time of day, day of the week, and your personal mentality for the day all effect how a class feels to you.

When you’re really stressed out, you might need a tough workout, where you can put all your energy into the class, and come out of shavasana feeling refreshed. Other times, you might be at the end of your rope and need a hot power class to connect you to your body. Or, you may need take a restorative class with relaxing postures so you can have an hour away from the craziness in your life.

The first time you take any class, you are learning as you are doing. Then when you take a class for a second time, you can have a better idea of what to expect! Finally, in the third class you can really find your groove, and know if its going to work for you.

The temperature in the class as well as what you’re wearing can alter how you feel about a class. If you plan for a hot class, wear shorts and a tank top, only to find yourself in a restorative you may wish you had more layers. Or you may wear long pants and a t-shirt, only to realize that you’re sweating before the class even gets started.

The first time I go to a yoga class, I usually wear capri leggings, a sports bra, tank top, and bring a t-shirt with. If the room feels cool, I’ll start with wearing the t-shirt and take it off as I warm up (with the tank top underneath of course!) Or if the room feels warm, I’ll wear the tank top, and possibly change into the t-shirt afterwards so the drying sweat doesn’t make me chilly.

Have you ever tried a workout class and not loved it? Did you give it a second (or third) try?

*As always, I am not a Doctor, please check with a Doctor for your particular situation.

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9 thoughts on “Yogatta Try This! Part 4 of 6, Try, Try Again, and Again.

  1. I agree 3 times is a good indicator if you like or not. There are so many different variables that can change, it really is amazing. I’ve tried spin classes and just can’t seem to get into it though it was a good workout.

    • I’ve taken a dud spin class too, it’s frustrating, but that day I think my legs just weren’t cooperating.

  2. I am officially on the fourth week of my aerial class, and I only decided that I liked it LAST night. I would have quit, but I had to pay for the class in full on week one, so you better bet that I kept going back. Now I’m actually thinking I’ll be sad to see it end. It’s nuts!

    • Yay!! I still want to see a picture of you in the silks, make it happen 😉

  3. The only time I haven’t returned to a class was when the instructor’s style didn’t work for me. Other than that, I’m always up for trying a different style of class a few times until I get the hang of it (or don’t get the hang of it!)

    • And that is completely alright! Some things aren’t a great match, and its best to just accept it instead of taking the time to fit “being miserable” into your schedule!

  4. I have only done a yoga class once and I really did enjoy it (aside from some weird details). I’d do it again but I’ve been bad about going to classes lately. We should have you teach a yoga class for our little TC blogger group! Yoga + brunch??

    • That would be a blast! I really want to come down and check out a Barre class as well!

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