Yogatta Try This: Part 5 of 6, Teaching 1 Year

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So now you’ve tried yoga, hopefully a few different classes, and you’ve found some that you really enjoy, and maybe others that aren’t for you. How do you go from taking yoga classes to teaching yoga classes? TRAINING!

Yoga TeachingI was approached by the owner of the studio I am currently teaching at, before she opened. I did some research, and considered taking the NETA certification, as the price was very attractive. However, I am very thankful I did not take that course. As a first time teacher, the 6 weeks of training at Corepower set me up well, you can read my full review of that process here.

The most important thing I’ve learned in 1 year of teaching Yoga Sculpt is….

Never Assume.

I’m done guessing what people are capable of, or what kind of workout will be best for them. The truth is, people surprise you. And it’s wonderful!

I will always be in support of weight training, but I also understand that some people need to stretch and lie in the quiet.

We are all students. I end every class with “the light, and the teacher in me, honors and acknowledges the light, and the teacher, in you. namaste.”

I’ve had dancers who I helped coach, people who are my parents age, people who are grandparents, former teachers, friends and family members in my classes. They have all taught me things. I may have taught them things. Teaching yoga is also a learning experience.

Have you ever considered teaching something? Last week will be the last post in the series, any questions you still have?

2 thoughts on “Yogatta Try This: Part 5 of 6, Teaching 1 Year

  1. Good for you on teaching for a year! I’m trying to find out how to incorporate more yoga into my routine while still having cardio and strength but it’s hard to find that balance. Is there a specific yoga you’d recommend for those who do strength training mire than cardio?

    • Obviously I love Yoga Sculpt! The corepower classes are a little hotter and more intense of a level than I teach at, but after a couple classes at either level your body starts to crave it!! I’ve heard rumors that Lifetime also has Yoga Sculpt classes, and I’ve taken it at other studios and the Y in Brainerd. Check groupon as they usually have a one month deal, and any new customer at Corepower gets a free week!

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