April 2014 Recap

Happy May Day! Thank you to those of you who wished me a Happy Birthday yesterday! For those of you who didn’t know, no worries! I’m awful about remembering birthdays, so I don’t hold it against people when they miss mine.

As usual, here’s a few things I accomplished in April that I’m particularly proud of and want to make sure you didn’t miss!

  1. Started the Yogatta Try This! Series. I could have probably fit everything into 4 posts, but 6 worked so well for the Swim Sessions I decided to go for it!
  2. I became Self Hosted, and had my first sponsored post.
  3. My brain still has too many tabs open, but that’s a recurring issue that I try my best to manage.
  4. I rocked the Run For the Lakes half marathon, without training. Do not do this. My body is very mad at me.
  5. I turned 26, and celebrated by taking a “naked face selfie” which I tagged in instagram as #nomake #nofilter #noproblem.

Naked Face Selfie

16 thoughts on “April 2014 Recap

    • Thank you! I’m glad you know what I meant about selfies. I think they’re wonderful, but I need some real life pictures too!

  1. I’m really bummed I missed your birthday! I would have eaten some cake for you! Instead, maybe I pounded a bottle of wine? Happy belated birthday!

    • Haha Thanks Shelly! I didn’t have cake or wine yesterday, but I will be making up for it tonight, tomorrow and Saturday!

  2. Congrats on first sponsored blog post… I feel like that is a HUGE blogging accomplishment (: YAYYY!

    • Thank you!!! Yes, it is a pretty big deal, it feels good!

    • Thank you dear! I still feel like a fool when it comes to self-hosting, I’ve got a lot to learn at HLS this year!

  3. #nomake #nofilter #noproblem is the best. i’m going to take a no-filter selfie and be a copycat 🙂 but, i didn’t know and now i feel bad so imma say it big: happy birthday!!

    • Do it!! (the selfie) Don’t feel bad about missing the birthday!

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