Peace Perspective XVII: Older and Younger

How are we 1/3 of the way through the year? Either way, I haven’t missed a Peace Perspective yet! I love this pin because it reminds me to stay in the moment. I love the idea of balancing “keep calm” and “be crazy.”

Oldest Youngest QuoteA dear friend offered weeks ago to come up north this weekend to celebrate my birthday, or to go out in the cities if I wanted to drive down. I wasn’t interested in driving down to the cities as I’ll be down quite a bit in the next couple weeks, however I wasn’t sure what we would do “up north”.

I live in a small town, with few activities, and even fewer with this not winter not summer weather we’ve been having. It hasn’t been nice enough to consider it spring! But the truth is, we are good friends. We don’t need perfect weather, or an entertaining schedule to have a good time! I’m obviously typing this before we have all day Saturday together, so I don’t know what we’ll get in to, but I do know it will be a good time.

Do you need activities with friends? Or can you make it up as you go along?

4 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XVII: Older and Younger

  1. I love friendships (often time long-time friendships), where you don’t really need something “to do”, just being with that person is enough. Last month, I went to visit my best friend who’s about to have a baby and we just ended up going to target to get a few necessities and rerranging the nursey–not a big activity by any means, but was still just as fun being that it was the conversation and friendship that is important. 🙂

  2. I love that pin!! It is exactly how I love my life. My favorite thing to tell myself and others is life is to short to be anything but happy!!
    Hope you had a great birthday weekend!!

  3. I just saw a friend on Wednesday night where all we did was drink wine and talk. I think that’s all that is needed for really good friends.

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