Yogatta Try This: Expensive Excuses (Someecard)

Here we are, our last installment of Yogatta Try This! We’ve gone through My History, Types of Yoga, Class Tips, Try Again, Teaching Lessons, and today we’re going through “Yoga is Expensive and Other Excuses”.

Pricing: varies at each studio. However, what you pay for a one hour class, continues to reap rewards long after the class has ended. The typical cost of 1 yoga class is about the price of 2 drinks at a bar. However, instead of adding calories, you’re surrounded by water guzzling yogis.

You're Lucky I did YogaYoga is a wonderful stress relief, however it doesn’t have to stress out your wallet. Here are some things to look into and consider

  • New Student Rates (yoga studios tend to call customers “students” no matter their age.)
  • Student/Military rates
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Family Packages
  • Groupon
  • Holiday Pricing
  • Gift Cards! Birthday, Christmas, etc, ask for a yoga gift card!
  • Yoga for Trade (some studios will offer your services (cleaning, advertising, etc) in exchange for free yoga).
  • Become a teacher! That’s right, as a yoga instructor, I don’t pay when I take classes at the studio I teach at. And if you really have fallen in love with yoga, take the plunge into getting certified. Almost every studio I know would love to have one more teacher on their roster!


Yoga Pants Power SuitI Can’t _____, find a babysitter, leave work, etc._______: You can still reap many rewards by doing a youtube class!

Yoga Hell

There is no such thing as yoga hell, find what works for you!




3 thoughts on “Yogatta Try This: Expensive Excuses (Someecard)

  1. yeah!
    i go to modo yoga {use to be moksha} near lake calhoun & i love it! its all hot yoga & i swear to goodness, being in the 105* room, working through everything has changed my life.
    its pretty pricey {$120/mo}, so i have joined their ‘energy exchange’ program. i clean the studio // mats // mirrors // ect 4hrs/wk and in return, i receive free, unlimited classes.
    its an awesome deal!

    • I love the “energy exchange” type programs!! When I talk to small business owners I also suggest that type of trade when they are stressed and need some help.

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