Twosday: New York City Style

2 Photos of My Feet: (I promise twosday gets better after this).

New York Shoe Shopping

I was silly and wore wedges while shopping/walking 3 miles. I paid for it in blisters.

New York City Walking

The second day I wore my Sperrys, which were better, but after walking another 10 miles, I wore sneakers for the rest of the trip.

2 Selfies:

New York City Selfies

We took 2 workouts classes while in NYC. Thursday we went to Uplift, thanks to a recommendation from Theodora. Friday we went to Soul Cycle!

Our schedule was: get up, workout, breakfast, shower, walk/shop, and eat whenever. It was glorious, a recap of all the eats is coming tomorrow!

2 more selfies with two wonderful people:

Mother Daughter at the Brooklyn Bridge

This trip was just my mom and I. It was great to get away just the two of us.

Johnny Cummings

But it was great to come home and cuddle with my brother on the couch for a bit.

What are two things you are doing this week?

9 thoughts on “Twosday: New York City Style

    • I know right!?! Its a great place, this was my third trip and I finally feel like I can get around pretty good.

    • I very much agree! Its an awesome place! While my mom and I were there we talked about what we would have done if my dad was there, and its fun how one city can be customized to suit different people.

    • They are really great! It took a while for mine to get broken in, but the good rubber sole feels great instead of the not great soles on most flats.

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