Peace Perspective XXI: Days too Short

Looking for Inspiration? Head over to my Pinterest account where I have plenty of possible Peace Perspectives just waiting to be used. I have some already picked out for later in the year, but others, such as this week, I search and search for until I find exactly what I’m looking for.

Peace Perspective XVI Katie Looking ForwardWhat I like about this quote, is it really encompasses the things I value in life. Walking can be so simple, but if you add in a friend and maybe some pretty scenery I am in heaven. I love a hard workout, but I prefer those to be solitary. I’ll join a group now and then, but the likely hood of being the slowest, and having negative self talk is so high, that I’d rather walk in a group, and workout alone.

Reading has always been near and dear to me. I was a voracious reader as a kid. Especially in 3rd grade, I could read a couple Babysitter’s Club books in a weekend. I read almost the entire series.

Friends, especially have multiple groups of friends and struggling to see them all is something very real in my life. Part of the problem lies in living in Aitkin, of course I have friends who live in town, but I have the group of girls I grew up with, the group that I get together with now, and then the college friends, its so hard for all of us to get together that we tend to congregate in little groups, and of course as we all grow up our networks grow, there are coworkers and friends of friends, and I love being with all of them! A couple weeks ago I hoped to get together with blog friends while I was in the cities, of course they were all busy/out of town, and now I’m in the cities this weekend, but already have all of my time scheduled. Its somewhat of a problem, but a first world problem. I’m too busy to see each and every friend as often as I would like!

Instead of being frustrated by the shortness of time, I try to be thankful for the times I do get with friends. Also, I try to be present. Playing on my phone is pointless when I’m seeing people that I rarely get to see. But taking a group photo is a great way to commemorate the times we do spend together.

What do you wish you had more time for? How do you maximize your time?


4 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XXI: Days too Short

  1. I love your last paragraph! I often get frustrated that there’s not more waking hours to the day. I need to adopt your perspective and focus instead on being present and truly enjoying the hours I do have!

    I know this sounds super lame, especially because blogging is my full time “job” now, but I wish I had more time for blogging-related activities. There is SO much I want to do with it (I currently have over 100 tasks on my blogging to do list!), but with regular daily activities (email, reading blogs, other admin tasks) taking up a third to half my day (I’m sloooow at things), progress on my to do list is slow.

    Even lamer than that? I wish I had more time for household activities/chore-type things. I’m currently so obsessed with my work that a lot of things get neglected more than I’d like to admit!

    I’m actually happy with the amount of social time I get. I’m pretty introverted, and spending an average of half a day to one day a week with friends keeps me happy. It probably helps that I only have 1-2 friends in real life that I spend time with regularly. All other friends/acquaintances I just keep in touch with online. That works for me, but I also know that a lot of people need more real interaction than that.

    How do I maximize my time? As I’ve talked about on my blog a lot lately, I’ve been scheduling my days out. Sometimes that much structure feels stifling, but to be honest right now I really need it. I can go through an entire day and get almost nothing accomplished when my days aren’t scheduled. I’ll have my to do list in front of me, but I just get so distracted and flit from task to task that by the end of the day I have a lot of half-finished things and a lot of social media time in the books, lol.

    OH! Before I wrap up this lengthy comment…when I plan out my week, I have my values and priorities sitting in front of me. I do this to (help) ensure that my life stays balanced and the things that really matter actually happen/get taken care of. I say it “helps” ensure the balance, because a lot of times things are still pretty unbalanced as I ignore things that may be important but are kind of a drag.

    • Usually when people mention to-do lists ruling their life I tell them to relax and be kind to themselves. But if you feel that it is working for you, by all means do it! One of my house hold tricks is to run the dishwasher after dinner, in the morning I empty it while my coffee is brewing. I try to sort laundry as I go, once it is in piles, I can take a 5 minute break from work (set a timer to keep you honest) to load, switch, or fold.

  2. katie! i saw you this weekend! sort of fits with the theme, huh? i was driving down the street with my husband and you were biking by lake calhoun, and i was like ‘i know her!!!’ small thing, but, ya know, i got excited 🙂

    • Yay!!! (and kind of a bummer too, because I would have loved to see you!) My college friends and I met for their “book club” (they do read a book, but they also try to do something while they meet up) the biking was a great one, that I hope can happen more often.

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