Mini-Mingle with Me!

Happy Monday Friends!! My excitement for the Healthy Living Summit started back in January 2013 when Meghann teased the location for #HLS13, things have changed and we now used #HLSummit for all summit related hash tagging, but my excitement stays the same!

Dream Team Healthy Living SummitLast year I hosted a mini-mingle dinner, a fit-mingle run, and a fit-mingle Yoga Sculpt Class. This year I am so happy to announce that I am on the Healthy Living Summit Dream Team as the Mini-Mingle coordinator!

I will also be speaking with my dear friends Emily and Emily!

Mill City Running Flapjack FridayWhat does “mini-mingle coordinator” mean? It means I am currently working with the rest of the dream team to carve out times within the Agenda for people to gather in small groups. These gatherings might be meals, snacks, shopping, or touring, the sky is really the limit!

When will the mini-mingles take place? Throughout the Summit! I really encourage everyone who can to arrive on Thursday! That day we have multiple opportunities that you won’t want to miss. Friday and Saturday we are a little more limited, only because we will be in sessions for a good part of the day!

Mini Mingle at Crave Healthy Living Summit 2014How do I sign up for a mini-mingle? Well hold your horses for just a minute! Right now we are still in the planning stage, first we need you all to register for the Healthy Living Summit!

When is registration? WEDNESDAY! June 4 at 8:00 pm Eastern (that’s 7 pm for those of you in the central time zone).

Want to help? I’ll soon be looking for registered attendees to HOST a mini mingle, by all means leave a comment, tweet, or email me so I can add you to my list!


13 thoughts on “Mini-Mingle with Me!

    • We will miss you! The best way to help is to continue to interact with the Healthy Living Summit social media outlets. There are tons of different tips and tricks being posted all the time that anyone can learn from even without attending the summit!

  1. Hi Katie!

    That’s awesome that you hosted a yoga sculpt class last year – I’ve taken a few sculpt classes at the Corepower and it is honestly one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done!

    I don’t know if this is logistically possible, but I would be interested in teaching a spin class (or going) with a group of people as a mini-mingle. I teach at a studio in DC now and love it!


    • You teach spin!?! That was my favorite workout this winter! It helped my running a lot without putting as much pressure on my knees. I will pass along to Becki, she is organizing the fit mingles. But hosting a mini-mingle is also a great way to meet new people, as they are more socializing vs. fitness. So you will probably get an email from me soon!

      • Great, thanks!

        Yes, I agree that spinning is great for running! I started spinning after I ran my marathon and destroyed my knee. Definitely a great workout without all the pounding!

    • Maybe…….and I’m not saying that to be tempting, I’m saying that I’ve offered, but there a ton of great options this year!!

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