Fast Friday: Try, Learn, Do.

Hello Friends! How is life going? Are you busy doing your favorite things? Or are you out there trying or learning something new? I’m doing a little of both. I somehow spent 3 weekends in a row in the Twin Cities, and while I didn’t do everything I wanted, I did do some pretty great things!

Nice Ride Katie Looking ForwardI finally tried out Nice Ride! My friends and I had a few issues getting enough bikes for all of us at once…but it was a great first trial. I brought a wristlet for my phone and wallet, because I wasn’t sure where a bag would go. However, all the bikes have a bungee on the top that could have easily fit a bigger bag. Next time, we picnic!

Kale Sriracha Casear Salad

While going out is great, sometimes Pinterest is better. This Kale Sriracha Caesar Salad was amazing! We changed the recipe a bit (skip the following ingredients: olive oil, mayo, anchovy) and add grilled chicken instead!

Bike Maintenance Triathlon BeginnerWhile running is at the top of my brain, I am trying to get more comfortable with my bike. Getting the proper tire pressure has been a lesson in self reliance, and patience.

Vitamin C Graduation SongFinally, I had a free trial of Sirius XM last weekend and when Vitamin C’s Graduation Song came on I got a little sad. The song was released in 1999, I was in 6th grade, and now I’m 26! Its amazing how time flies!

Have you done something fun lately? Anything on your summer bucket list?


8 thoughts on “Fast Friday: Try, Learn, Do.

  1. Nice Ride looks really fun, I always saw people biking around downtown but never got a chance to do it while living there so like you I will have to travel and do it! That’s good to know there is a bungee on top- maybe go to the farmers market or something?!

    On the summer bucketlist is Camping!

    • My idea of a perfect nice ride would be to stop at the whole foods in uptown, grab snacks/lunch/drinks, park by calhoun and go around all three!

  2. Is Nice Ride the Twin Cities’ bike share program? That is one thing I miss about living in D.C. – I used Capital Bike Share all the time, especially during the summer. I love seeing it available in more and more cities across the U.S. I keep hoping that one day it’ll make it’s way down south to Florida.

    • Nice Ride is the Twin Cities program!! I wanted to try New York’s when I was there in May, but I was scared without knowing the trails/rules. It was kind of expensive for how little time we used it for, but I would love to do an all day adventure with them!

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