Fast Friday: Father’s Day!

While Father’s Day is Sunday, the 11th was my dad’s Birthday! Not only is he my father, but also my employer. For the few years that I was employed by other organizations, he still had ties to those connections. It makes for an interesting life. I have always known that no matter what I am getting into, the chances of my father finding out, are very likely! It definitely has made me think twice a time or two.

Kauai Fourwheeling Thankfully, he’s a really cool guy. This photo was taken a few years ago on vacation, we went four wheeling where they filmed Jurassic Park!

I could go on about the things we’ve done, or the things he has taught me, but for now I’ll hold on to those memories.

Happy (belated) Birthday Dad, and Happy (early) Fathers Day, I love you!


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