12 Ways to Save for the Healthy Living Summit

Happy Friday Friends! Its been quite the long week, but I am so so happy to share this post with you! Its been a long time in the making, and is a long read, so please enjoy!

  1. Early Bird registration is available until July 4, so register right now to start saving money!!

Healthy Living Summit Cocktail Party

Emily H., Me, Marissa, and Emily C.!

Marissa is the Barefoot Colorado blogger who managed to fly to HLS last year for $120 round trip!

2. Don’t Buy Too Early: This is a huge mistake that people make. Buying tickets 4 months in advance will never save you money — unless you are traveling on a super busy travel week like Christmas or Thanksgiving. I always shoot for 6 weeks in advance.

3. Clear Your Cache + Cookies: Every time you visit a site, it leaves a ‘cookie’ or a little trace that you’ve been there. If you continue to look for the flights on different sites, or come back to a site more than once, it detects a sense or urgency and the flight price WILL NOT BUDGE.

4. Shop Tues Night/Weds Morning: The airlines send out their specials on Tuesday, and the prices tend to drop Tuesday night/Weds morning. If you want to be super specific, I’ve heard its 1 a.m Wednesday morning. But, I’ve always just checked Wednesday morning and have been fine!

5. Check Bags for Free: You’ll get a LOT of swag at HLS, so it’s much easier to just check a bag. This is the reason I always fly Southwest, they allow 2 free checked bags.

Emily Cooper Healthy Living Summit Mini Mingle

Emily Cooper the woman behind Sinful Nutrition, is the perfect writing blend of Registered Dietitian and sarcasm.

  1. Da Swag: You can’t talk about any conference without talking about the goodie bag that makes your 6th grade birthday party look like a rip off. Not every sponsor sends a representative to the Summit, but they do send generous samples, coupons, discounts, and yeah more samples.

  2. Mingle and Share: The Mini Mingles and Fit Mingles are what make the Healthy Living Summit unique! They are additional events aside from the sessions that go on throughout the Summit. There are soo many different types of places to try and going with a group of like minded bloggers is a sure bet that people are willing to share meals, drinks, and try it all!

  3. Sponsors: On top of the behemoth swag bag, there is also a vendor showcase where you are free to chat with the sponsors and they load you up with MORE FREE STUFF.

  4. Da (included) Meals: But wait, there’s more! On top of the free swag, and shared meals, you better save room for the meals included in the Summit price. Smoothies, hash browns, pesto dip, soup bar, endless taco bar, I could really go on and on about how amazing the meals were during the Summit. They also made sure to accommodate every type of diet/allergy so everyone could enjoy. And enjoy I did!

#HLS13 Cherry and the Spoon

Emily Heying is the voice behind More than Just Dessert, she is now the proud owner of a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Nutritional Sciences.

10. Hotel: While the summit price does not include your hotel stay, it does include access to the   Healthy Living Summit facebook page which is how we ended up together!  We saved serious money by having four in a room, instead of just one or two!

  1. Groceries: I didn’t buy snacks for a good MONTH after HLS because I was trying out all of the new goodies.  The swag is included with your ticket price for the conference, and many of the coupons were for full sized items!

  2. Networking:  Ultimately, I don’t want to sell out my blog just to make money.  However, with the amount of work I put into it, I knew I wanted to start capitalizing on working with companies I believed in and being compensated for my time.  The skills I learned to network and build my blog helped land me a few sponsored posts, which brought in a small amount of money in return and basically paid off my ticket.
    *****Thank you so much for reading through the 12 Ways to Save joint post! If you have absolutely any questions, please feel free to comment or contact any of us through the usual social media channels and we will be happy to answer any questions!

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