Boating Fuel with Blue Diamond Almonds

*I was given the below almonds free courtesy of the Tastemakers Program from Blue Diamond Almonds, all opinions are my own, and feel free to let me know if you have questions!

Happy Monday my Friends! I’m starting the week a little tired…last week was long, and the weekend was jam packed! Yesterday was my first time in the water, and as a result I may be rocking a little bit of a sunburn.

lake selfie (and yes, this is a snapchat selfie screen shot, judge me).

With the 4th of July days away I’m considering what to bring out on the lake. Last year I had plenty of treats, but it requires loading a cooler, hauling it onto the pontoon, packing snacks, making sure they don’t get crushed by the cooler, or having extra hands to carry it all…….Its work, its fun, but its work.

Blue Diamond Almonds Lake Snack Blue Diamond Almonds are the perfect lake snack as they do not require a cooler, they won’t crumble while being transported, and they won’t get soggy if a lake soaked hand reaches into the container! (nothing tastes worse than a soggy potato chip).

I went on my first paddleboard ride of the summer right after snapping the above photo and once I got back, my family and I took a quick pontoon ride! I’m not sure why I waited this long to get on the lake, hopefully I will make it more of a priority in July!

What is your favorite lake snack? Do you have fun plans for the 4th of July?

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    • Yes! That weekend is going to be so wonderful! Cannot wait until we are all together!

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