4 Pictures of 4th of July Weekend

I wasn’t sure I was going to recap the weekend, but after reading a few posts, I realized that everyone has different traditions, so I should share mine!

sailboatThe weather on the 4th was not that great, I was out on the boat for a couple hours, but never actually got in the water.

marshmellowThe 5th of July was better weather, I went with my parents to a family friend’s annual Lamb Roast, and had my treat of the year, Rice Crispy Bar with a layer of caramel and mini mallows. I have the recipe so I could make them myself, but its just better to enjoy them with friends.

serpentWe went on a great sunset boat cruise on Serpent Lake, which is the lake that I will be in my first sprint tri in 12 days!

I was supposed to go out with friends, but never got the text letting me know when they were meeting, so instead I went out with my dad to our favorite place, Lonesome Pine! It was crazy busy, but super fun.

pinecalI spent most of Sunday sleeping and feeling gross. Saturday was a long day, so I’m glad I had behaved myself on Thursday and Friday, but I won’t be over indulging for a long while.

What did you do for the 4th? Do you celebrate just that day, or party all weekend?


8 thoughts on “4 Pictures of 4th of July Weekend

  1. I partied all weekend. It was a blast! Now I’m ready for a liver detox though. šŸ™‚

  2. we celebrate all weekend! Love those beautiful pics you posted. PS do you have an email I could chat with you on? I just had a few private questions I wanted to ask=)

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