Peace Perspective XXVII: Strong and Patient

I almost didn’t have a post ready for this morning! Thankfully I have plenty of half written posts and this photo fits the week.

Be Strong Be Patient

Patience is not my greatest virtue. I don’t think any of my friends would consider me patient, outspoken, sure!

Letting go is also something that I wouldn’t consider a strength of mine. I hold on to too much for too long. But acknowledging that it takes strength and is difficult actually makes letting go just a bit easier.

It’s okay to admit things aren’t going the way you would like. The sun isn’t always shining bright, but that doesn’t mean that it’s pitch black outside.

The light will come, it has to. Be strong enough to wait for it to come.

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    • Thanks dear, you too! I hope this chilly weather doesn’t lead to a messy house (here’s hoping you sell soon!)!

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