Peace Perspective XXVIII: Bad vs Blank

I don’t call myself a writer, sometimes not even a blogger, rather “i have a blog”. I enjoy this space where I am able to share, but I don’t spend much time on the self promotion, SEO, or formatting that I could/should.

Jodi Picoult QuoteSimilarly, I wouldn’t consider myself an athlete. Almost anyone could run a marathon without training and still beat my race time. However, the attempts I make while racing are something that I am proud of. Any forward motion is better than no motion.

Attempting to create something is better than refusing. Put yourself out there. Try. See what happens. Learn from it, and maybe try again. Or try something else.

*In complete honesty I wrote this prior to Saturday morning, so I have no idea how my first triathlon went. If you are really curious, check out Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram as I usually update there on the weekends!