Twosday Sharing

Hello Friends! I’ll be back tomorrow with a race recap, but today I wanted to share two quick things with you.

2 Photos from my Instagram, which I then put together.

Riverboat Days Aitkin Run to the Dump2 Posts from Nora, who I can’t put into words, but here’s a portion of her about me section.

nora my husbands tumorHere is the first post, and here is the second.

What are two things you will be accomplishing this week? I’ll be doing a 5k on Saturday morning, and then attending a wedding!



4 thoughts on “Twosday Sharing

    • Thank YOU my dear! Nora’s posts are always so beautiful, even (or especially) when they are brief. She gets right to the point.

    • I know right!? Thank you for clicking over to it, her writing deserves to be shared.

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