Peace Perspective XXXI: Never Too Late

How soon do you plan things in advance? I find myself in the first week of August already having my weekends through October 5 planned. Oops! While I have weekends planned and wish I had a little free time to do as I please, I’m also starting to think of my 2015 goals.

Never Too Late I fully believe this statement. It is never too late to try, to start, or to do something new. I love the refreshing feeling of New Years (although I do hate New Years Eve). But I don’t think that refreshing feeling has to be limited to January 1.

We are in the last month of Summer, there is time to start healthy habits which can carry into the school year. Even for cold Minnesota there is still time to train for a race and complete it before the snow comes.

There is also time for second chances. Maybe you tried something this spring, or last year, and it didn’t go the way you wanted. That is okay. If the opportunity comes again, consider giving it a second try. You never know what might happen once you give it a chance.

What would you like to start, or re-start?

3 thoughts on “Peace Perspective XXXI: Never Too Late

  1. already thinking of 2015 goals!? yikes! what are they?? mine are so up-in-the-air — a lot of things i can’t really plan for, and then some things that i’d rather leave to chance <3

    • The biggest goals are usually the ones that can’t be planned (generally in a good way!). Workout wise I’m trying to see if there is a marathon in my 2015 future, or if I should extend my triathlon goals…

  2. And I consider MYSELF a planner, haha. I have a few things planned over the course of the next couple of months, but for the most part I like things to be open enough that I can be flexible. Love the idea that it’s never too late…also never too late to start over. You may not be able to go back and change anything, but it’s never too late to change yourself!

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