Peace Perspective XXXII: Dreams

Being on cold medicine always makes my sleeping and dreaming a little weird. However even before I caught my summer cold I was dreaming some strange things!

DREAMSYears ago I would have dreams where I was fighting with someone, screaming, crying, the works, I’d wake up tired from the “exertion” and confused as to why I was fighting in the first place.

Lately my dreams have been peaceful, quietly walking with someone, chatting about the past and the future. Yet I still wake up confused. I haven’t been having those types of conversations with anyone lately.

Are dreams omens? Or are they your subconscious working through problems? I don’t know, but I’m glad I’m not fighting anymore!

One thought on “Peace Perspective XXXII: Dreams

  1. oh gosh, my dreams are usually pretty peaceful, but jon said i kept waking up from nightmares last night – he said he kept telling me it’s okay, it’s okay, and putting me back to bed. ah! i didn’t even know i was having nightmares? i hope it’s not a sign of anything!

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