Lakes Country Triathlon 2014: Race Recap

After a crazy Friday of Katy Perry Concert Partying, Saturday of Corepower Yoga Triathlon, Sunday morning’s Lakes Country Triathlon was a little rough on my body. Thankfully I didn’t have any first time nerves to deal with. I woke up at 5:15 am to an intense thunderstorm, and the desire to go back to bed. I didn’t want to drive over to Brainerd/Baxter only to hear that the race was cancelled.

Lakes Country Triathlon Set UpThankfully the weather cleared on the drive over and the pavement was even dry setting up transition!

Swim 1/4 Mile (12:26): I was in the Athena divison which was the last wave to go. Luckily this meant that there were no fast swimmers that would go after me and pass me. Unluckily, I got kicked in the face almost immediately. I didn’t freak out. But my strokes and breathing were seriously out of wack. I usually breathe on both sides, but for whatever reason could only breathe on my left, and had to breathe every stroke! It wasn’t pretty but I got it done.

Transition 1 (2:44): I decided to put on my socks for the bike as I already had a blister from dancing on Friday night. I’m so glad I did while it meant my transition was long, my comfort was worth it!

Lakes Country Triathlon BikeBike 13.6 miles (46:32): The majority of my rides this summer were on portions of the course which made this my strongest leg. I was rocked the false flat, cruised on the downhills, and passed a bunch of people. I took a vanilla gu while biking and was amazed at how my balance has improved since the beginning of the summer.

Transition 2 (1.31): Switched to sneakers with numb fingers, I probably should invest in some “yank” type of laces next summer. Took off my helmet, and thought I was forgetting something. But took off on the run.

Lakes Country Triathlon RunRun 3.2 Miles (39:22): I started running with a woman in a pink tank top in front of me. I totally thought I would keep up with her or pass her. But she started pulling in front of me right away. I took some walk breaks, my legs felt like lead. And I was really questioning my decision to race after a night of partying/dancing and a day of yoga/running/yoga instead of resting.

In the last mile a very encouraging woman came up behind me and was cheering people on. I loved her energy, but her belief that I could hold a 9:15 min/mile was laughable. My first mile split was about a 13:30, my second mile was about 12:45, and while I thought I could negative split, I knew 9:15 was not in my legs. I sprinted in, but wish I had been able to push it earlier in the run.

Gull Lake Zorbaz PizzaPost Race: Started itching, realized the bugs that were flying around me during the run had bit me, and I have welts all over my arms! After slowly packing up everything, I made it over to Zorbaz to post-race celebrate. Once I got home I crawled in bed for a nap, and pretty much stayed there the rest of the day. Rest was needed!

Monday my legs were definitely stiff, I taught sculpt, but modified a lot for myself. I am surprised that my quads aren’t as sore as they usually are!

Lakes Country Triathlon RunOverall: I am so pumped about my bike pace! I averaged 18.1 miles per hour on this course, versus Tri for a Cause where I averaged 16.9 miles per hour. I’m bummed about my run pace which slowed from an average of 11:43 at Tri for a Cause to 12:19 at Lakes Country. My swim pace also slowed from 2:37 per 100 yard at Crosby to 2:50 per 100 yard. However, this summer I put the majority of my focus on the bike.Starting in September I want to go back to the couch to 5k plan so I can build up my running pace, after I build on that I will get back in the pool and work on my endurance with good form!

P.S. In case you missed it, here was my race plan!

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