Peace Perspective XXXIV: Wait or Regret

I hope you are all enjoying Labor Day weekend! My summer was pretty rough, so I’m looking forward to a restart in September.

Wait or RegretI had a good hour long conversation with a friend of mine, I felt a little guilty after hanging up the phone and realizing that I talked a lot, but there were some things I needed to get off my chest. Thankfully she’s a wonderful listener, and understands the type of support I need.

Hint: I usually just want to be told to do what will make me the happiest.

There are some things I would really like to have in my life right now. And I teeter totter on them. Sometimes I make daring moves that make me feel completely out of my comfort zone, yet make me think I’m making wonderful strides. Other times I make those same strides and think I’m being crazy.

I’m not giving up, but I am tired of waiting, and I really don’t want to regret, so I keep waiting anyways.

Anyone else waiting for something and struggling with the waiting?

One thought on “Peace Perspective XXXIV: Wait or Regret

  1. You’re talking my language! I am a BIG waiting game right now for moving to Vermont and starting a new chapter in my life. It is killing me. I am just ready to be there, so my patience is getting pretttyy thin. Hang in there too girly!

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