Easing Into Fall

Does anyone else feel like this “short week” was extra hard? Occasionally I work on Sunday afternoons to make the week easier. I wish I had taken the time on Sunday or Monday at the office so this week wouldn’t have been so hard. Oh well, at least it is Friday now!

We got some nasty rain this week which made getting dressed a little more challenging, this is what I came up with on Thursday.

Summer to Fall OutfitSkirt, long sleeve, scarf. Wet pant legs are the worst, and the black skirt felt more fall like than a pair of khaki shorts.

Traders Joe's Mushroom MochiI recently stocked up on goodies at Trader Joe’s. I have now fallen in love with the Mushroom Mochi. So chewy and delicious. I served them along with Pad Thai, but next time I’ll make quinoa with extra veggies to pair it with.

I have a wedding the first weekend of October, there are 2 dresses in my closet that would work, but I really want a maxi. So I picked this one up for half off on Macys.com.

Black Maxi Personal Attendant DressWhile the model and I are exact opposites, brown hair vs. blonde, tall vs. short. I’m still hoping that it will be flattering! (I’m a little concerned about the v-neck, but we will see what happens there.)

I’d love to share my current nail polish color, but I’m not ready for the darker colors, and pastels seem too light. What color are you rocking these days?


7 thoughts on “Easing Into Fall

  1. This week was SOOOOO long. I went to school on Wednesday and when I got home couldn’t believe it had only been ONE DAY. I’m ready for this weekend.

    My current nail polish is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Red Velvet and I’m rocking it on my fingers and toes. This year I have 17 girls and 9 boys so fashion is like, SO, important 😉 So they appreciate when I take some time to polish my fingers.

    Hope you look great in that deep V maxi!

    • I’m sure your kids behave better when you’ve got good polish on! And I love me some Red Velvet cake!

    • Thank you! I’m thinking of doing gold for my fingers, and a sparkly cranberry for my toes.

  2. Wet pants ARE the worst! I totally agree. I’m also currently stuck in the same nail polish rut for the same reason! I might cave and do a dark color soon though.

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