Couch to 5k Week 1: The Best Apps

Welcome to the Off Season! I don’t have any big race plans until 2015, which means the next 4 months are for conditioning! #1 on the agenda, increasing my run speed! I’m using two apps to help me with this. The first being Couch to 5k Free!

Couch 2 5k AppWhile I’ve been aware of the idea of couch to 5k, I cannot look at a watch and do the splits myself (you start with run for a minute, walk for 90 seconds). With this app, a lovely voice tells you when to start running or switch to walking, and tells you when you’re half way done with your workout. There is also a 5 minute warm up and cool down, which I use to run, as I’m able to do the distance, but am working on speed.

Run Keeper AppThe second app I use is Run Keeper. Every 10 minutes it tells me my current distance and pace. Plus at the end of the workouts, it tells me if I’ve hit a new goal for speed or distance which is a great motivator!

What apps do you like to run with? What are you working on for fitness?


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