The weekend is here!! Remember back in my July Recap I wanted to focus on more fun less structure? So when I got invited to attend Maurices Corporation #bestdayever I couldn’t think of a reason not to attend!

Tavern on the HillI met up with my friend Kayla who happens to work for Maurices, and our group decided to have a drink at Tavern on the Hill, its in a completely new development near the UMD campus. At first the menu seemed over priced, but I had a beer and sushi for $15. So it wasn’t that bad.

Sam Hunt and Bret Eldridge Sam Hunt opened the concert, and I loved his 90’s country cover medley, as well as the songs he rapped on. Bret was awesome, his smile lit up the stage, and I was so happy to have made the drive over and see the show.

I got home about 11:30 and was up at 5 to teach my Yoga Sculpt class. On the drive home I was rewarded with this sunrise.

Hwy 169 SunriseNow I’m off to Iowa for #blendDSMtakeover (check out all the fun on Instagram and Twitter if you’re curious!)

*nothing was sponsored here, I mentioned Maurices and Tavern on the Hill because I wanted to!


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